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    Do people use the cards when they play this game?

    Basically, is the magic box set (all cards, a book, no minis) a worthwhile purchase?

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    No, I think the Magic Cards are now outdated. That was for the 5th edition.

    I do not think it would be a wise purchase unless

    a. You are a collector.
    b. You plan on playing 5th edition.
    c. You have extra money.
    d. I have no d.

    Besides, if you really want it Vince, let me know. I have it, with the cards still in the shrink wrap. I have looked at the book, but I\'m pretty sure it is all in tact.

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    Well, I didn\'t say it as a potential buyer. I actually bought it Saturday and wondered if I should keep it to play or ebay it.

    There\'s no 6th edition version I need to get is there?

    Anyway, it only cost me $3 at a garage sale so I don\'t feel like I wasted my cash.

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    Nah, the magic system for the 6th edition was integrated into the basic rules set. So there is no 6th edition upgrade to what you have.

    All you need for the 6th edition is the basic rule book, an army, that armies book, an army to fight against, that armys book, GW approved dice, GW approved scenery, GW approved measuring sticks, and you\'d be gaming in no time. Except that you should paint those armies, using GW approved painting techniqes and paint. (assembled with the GW GLUE). But after that gaming goodness awaits! Unless, by then you want to get the newly updated rules for your army, and the ones for your opponents army, but shortly after, you\'ll be gaming!! WHEEEE!

    I\'ve heard people say that the 5th edition rules were some of the best, so who knows? Maybe its worth more than I know.

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    I have the basic book, my army, my army book and enough humans to make a brittonian army but no book. However, for basics, the basic book gives the stats for most of their troops.

    You left out the hardest thing to get though: an opponent:(

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    I\'ll play against you. I made Herb the Bitter drive from the icy confines of Wisconsin down here to play against me (in which I DID NOT LOSE i might add).

    It is really an enjoyable game...I too wish I had closer opponents.

    Lets see....You are in Washington, I\'m in Iowa...the center point would be....Muncie, Indiana? I\'ll meet you there next tuesday, then we can go and find the worlds largest ball of paint!!

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    Default @vince

    Well, you might use the rules for the different armies as given in the core book if you don\'t wanna buy the specific army book. However, GW put out a thingy called \"ravening hordes\", which was included in a White Dwarf a while ago. It had temporary army-lists. It is also available on their website - for free (GASP!). Might be a bit better than the stats in the core book, i reckon...
    EDIT: I couldn\'t find the ravening hordes, but here\'s the summary sheets from the up-to-date army books:
    Course, there are no special rules given afaik, nor the race-specific magic items, but hey...

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    Thanks for the link. It doesn\'t give the rules like how many of what type unit you can have for x point army, but the specs are useful. Also, it has a link to errata that I\'ve printed out for my High Elves.

    I just did the google earth from you to me.
    Its 958 miles, or about 14 hours of driving.
    The midway point is roughly Montpelier Ohio.
    So, if we leave now....

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    Hey! Montpelier, Oh is only 501 miles (7 hours and 32 minutes) from my house (according to Google Earth). :idea: Maybe I\'ll meet you guys there!:cool:

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    I\'m not going if Dauber goes. Don\'t tell him that though....

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