Advice for 28mm Angel Wings Needed.
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Thread: Advice for 28mm Angel Wings Needed.

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    Default Advice for 28mm Angel Wings Needed.

    I\'m building an army, 40k, based on an Angelic Warhost. Any Ideas where I\'d get some good wings? The only ones I can see are hawk wings, unless I go for pegasus ones which are a) Huge and b) Bloody expensive.


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    I have used the wings from the Warmaster Empire Hero on Griffon for a couple of conversions and they ae perfect for a 28mm miniature.
    Take a look here: &ParentID=210595&GameNav=300808

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    Reaper makes a lot of nice angel figures.. check their website as they might offer parts..Im not sure?

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    Problem is can I get the wings off the Griffon? Or do I have to buy the whole thing? Thanks,


    P.S. I\'ll check Reaper now

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    If you are looking to enter the mini into a painting comp make sure that the wings are GW, because then your model will be disqualified, you might have already known but i just wrote a little reminder

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    Petethemighty\'s sculpt....I\'ll find it and post it in a mo...

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    is there a way of re-using a sculpt? If you dont have access to a resin sculpting thing etc

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    You can cast the wings in milli put and make them out of resin or lead.

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    you can use green stuff to cast them but watch out - thats a biiiiiiig legal minefield

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