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    I would like some comments for my latest figg:


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    Default I gave it a 9

    Well there really isn\'t much I would change. I think it looks great. But some of the things I may have done differently would be to have him wear more gold. Like his watch and bracelet as well as the chain that holds his cross. Also I totally liked the base, what would be cool would be to add a part of a painted street line. I can almost imagine this guy crossing a street taking shots at some one driving away.

    Anyway those are my two cents on it.


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    Definitely a cool mini. Did you do this one for New Wave? I coulda swore I saw it there.

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    Thri-Keen Priest

    Default Thugz

    Have to agree with McCragge; Homeboy needs more gold: gold watch, bracelet, and chain with cross. Gun should be black. Lips are too red, almost seems like a parody of a black man. Base is a good idea, but looks odd with card lain down over the plastic. Instead, I\'d like to see putty (spread out on the plastic base) comprising the pavement. Grill should look more like a real street: resting in a metal frame, and with bars made from wire or something. Usually we see a grill like this in the gutter, so I\'d like to see some sidewalk here too. But then I usually go overboard with the bases...

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