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    Default bolt throwers

    For the gamers out there, can someone tell me if there is a difference between a High Elf Boltthrower and a Dark Elf Boltthrower?

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    F**ked if I know! Just thought I\'d waste everyones time with a pointless reply and help nudge up my number of posts.

    Think I\'ve seen both in my local GW recently. I certainly remember seeing the dark elf one. Quite nice model really. Do you want to know if there\'s any difference between the models or the way they work in the game? You can bet that the DE bolt thrower uses special evil bolts that kill by some special evil power.


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    Yeah, I wanted to know what they do in the game. I\'ve been fortunate enough to pick up a relatively cheap unpainted DE bolt thrower but I have a HE army and I want to use the model, but I may have to make some modifications first so it looks more like the HE one.
    I guess I should point out it\'s an old DE thrower, so it has 2 equal arms laid horizontally instead of 1 big and 1 little arm lined up vertically. It\'s not so old as to be on wheels though.
    From what I can tell, the local gamers won\'t really care if it\'s not perfect, but I want it to be overlooked at a glance and not have some fanboy say \"you can\'t use that, it\'s a DE bolt thrower and you have High Elves. Their fingers will get all pruny if they use it!\" Besides, it\'s still GW so it\'ll even be RT legal as far as I can tell.

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    And hey, I\'m not above padding my number of posts either :P

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    And hey, I\'m not above padding my number of posts either
    So who isn\'t?

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    Paint it white and put a bit of gold finery on it I say. Use it as you see fit, and crush the feeble bodies of any sneering fanboys in a frenzied tornado of limb tearing, bone crushing, blood lust fuelled mayhem!


    Was that a bit over the top?

    I must take my medication more often you know!


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    Default the crew

    so long as the crew for the bolt thrower is
    the same as your army (High elves in this case) and the paintjob fits your army you should not get any flack.

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    Default Crew

    Ah yes, the crew. I haven\'t got the official High Elf Crew, but I do have the official Dark Elf Crew. But what\'s the difference between the two?

    Costume as far as I can tell.
    So I can either add some random Elf minis to the bolt thrower or I can just paint the DE crew in my army colors (maybe file off the profusion of skulls) and I should be good to go. It\'s not as if I\'m asking someone to pretend a Nurgle Marine in Terminator Armor is a High Elf.

    I like your plan Sturm, but as you can see from the \"high\" elves in my gallery, there will be little if any white on the equipment. I think I\'ll call the bolt thrower my \"Peace Love and Happiness Promoter\". :D

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    Default wildly off-topic

    I thought you were maybe talking about these guys.

    ps: check out the album cover for \"Realm of Chaos\" - looks a little familiar...

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    Yeah, I heard of them when I tried searching ebay for \"bolt thrower.\"
    I had to change to \"elf bolt thrower\" because I kept getting hits for CDs.
    Never read their bio though. Nice how the reporter is uninformed: \"bolt thrower\" is a \"character\" in a \"roll playing game\" called Warhammer Fantasy Battles. (while there is an RPG called Warhammer, WFB is the table game and \"bolt thrower\" is a weapon - though I suppose you could name a character that, but what parent would name their kid \"bolt thrower\" - then again, I know a guy whose parents named him \"truck\" so who knows)

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    Default bolt throwers

    well I have some ancient oop high elf characters im painting in a pre-sundering scheme. would high elves even want to use a DE bolt thrower though? i wouldnt to many pointy edges.

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    Default bolt throwers (agian)

    oops i forgot to put in my 2 cents! yes i think there is a difference one (DE) my orks can thrash and the other(HE) they like to run from! n e ways i think the DE one isnt as good but i cant be sure

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    The DE one is called a REAPER Bolt Thrower.
    The HE one is called a REPEATER Bolt Thrower.

    Statistically they are identical (as are the crews) but the HE is layed out like a crossbow while the DE has a vertical orientation with twin uprights.

    Hows that for one who\'s never rolled a dice in Warhammer ?. . heh (I just happen to own the army books for both as a painting reference)

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    Orginal gepostet von vincegamer
    For the gamers out there, can someone tell me if there is a difference between a High Elf Boltthrower and a Dark Elf Boltthrower?
    nope. the machines do exactly the same. you can either fire one bolt @ st 6, no armour saves or 6 st4 bolts, -2 armour saves. normally i use the 6 bolts, to mow down ranks from hard core troops, only when my enemy fields large monsters, chariots or lotsa knights they have to eat the single bolt because the save is allowed.
    the thrower itself has toughness 7 and 3 wounds.

    the crew is different. both are 2 elves (either darkelve or highelve) with light armour and hand weapons. dark elves for example hate high elves and highelves do not do any panik tests, when fighting darkelves.

    that\'s the only difference i think. and now... my post counter goes one up and i am a fully qualified member. soon... ;)

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    aaah... i forgot. darkelve bolt-throwers look way cooler and high elves are sissies!

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    Flashman, that\'s only the latest design of DE boltthrower. I have an old one which is laid out like a crossbow and has 2 \"magazine\" clips of bolts on top.

    Since Warhammer doesn\'t allow you to mix races my crew will look like Dark Elves but will really be \"high\" elves.

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