Unrelated to Painting but hoping for some help
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Thread: Unrelated to Painting but hoping for some help

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    Default Unrelated to Painting but hoping for some help

    Hello folks,

    This has absolutly nothing to do with painting, or minis, except that it gets me into a closer proximity to more painters, but anyway...

    Do any of you either do a lot of hiring or are human resources professionals? I\'m trying to get my resume together to ship it off so that I can move to New Hampshire, and all I know are dumb kids my age. (OK, maybe 27 isn\'t a \"kid\", but you get the point) I don\'t feel the resume that I\'ve been using since college is one that\'s fantastic, and I\'m looking for someone who\'s familiar with these things who might be willing to take a quick look at it and give me some creative criticism. So I do apologize that this is entirely off base from our normal conversations about paint, soldiers, beer and women, but I thought I\'d ask anyway!

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    If your field is IT then I can probably give you a hand. I\'ve been on too many hiring committees in the past year...

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    Default not HR

    but you can send it to me...


    may take a couple days to respond (ie. saturday night)


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    I can take a look at it as well.
    Done a lot of interviews over the last few years, I might be able to help out.
    I\'m IT, don\'t know if that\'s your field but can\'t hurt can it?

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    My wife has been doing some coursework involving alot of this lately.

    I suggest checking out the many on-line job services, like Monster.com for instance. Plenty of places that will assist you and get the resume\' in tip top shape.

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    (Vike, are you sure we are not related?)

    My Wife teaches a resume class at the local comunity college. My email is in my profile, attach it in Word or .rtf.

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