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Thread: Works of Heart II.... New Beginnings

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    Thank you Terry for the time and determination.
    I really appreciate it and can not wait to see.

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    Ok, Here it is. After many frustrating sessions trying to figure out what to do with all of the detail, I finally just had to make myself complete the mini. I stuck with a very limited color pallete for a Winter theme. Hope you like it.

    If you wish to vote, you can also find it here.



    My Gallery

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    WOW Terry I really like the blues you used he is Wonderful, thank you soooo much!

    Gearing up for more auctions.
    We have some great ones going now though fun to watch.
    Thanks again all.
    We still have many figures out but a steady flow in so it is a nifty balance.

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    Default New Auctions

    New auctions listed on 1-09-06

    Margo\'s Spellsinger

    KristaMounted Lord

    Thank you for all the time and effort taken with these beautiful minis.

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    Default More Minis up for grabs!

    There are a new round of minis up for auction from Works of Heart! Beautiful terrain, a sultry wench, a Privateer Press Piper, and Seven Curses. Check \'em out here.

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    Here to let you know that the total money
    Works of Heart Project has thus far given to Second Harvest through eBays Missionfish is

    $$$$ 6251.00 That is amazing folks in a 5 months total time.

    If I look at the total that just Cmon\'ers have given to charity w/Paint Aid
    $$$$$ 9751.92 through eBays Missionfish

    That does not include the separate generosity to Wendy and her family
    $700.00 for bedding So tack that up to

    $$ 10451.92

    I did a payment to Missionfish a few minutes ago and thought you all should know. Frankly it shocked me taking it in and I am rather down so it was uplifting really.

    Thanks to you all those who help and those that have the patience to put up with those who help. :innocent:

    Chern Ann & Borg ...a special thanks for all the help advertising... the news area and the credits for the auctions to be featured.

    Opps there are new auctions also this week and really cool terrain in them.

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    WOW! Thats some serious cash!

    Everyone deserves a pat on the back for that one!

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    Great work, Tracy and everybody.

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    Where is it that I ship this elf to?... I am in a shipping frenzy after posting 100+ ebay auctions 1 week ago. Might as well get my contribution to the cause out there as well.

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    I have an email going your way thanks Mark so very much!!!
    Any one else done auctions to come are running low ???

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    Default Margo\'s Spellsinger.. gorgeous. I am pleased and proud to have her.

    Keep up the good works all.....


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    Hi Guys,
    Well, The \"Freakin\' Tree Kin\" is FINALLy done!
    It took me forever, the as it was almost done, it took a dive off of my paint desk, had to be repaired, and partially repainted. (a little moss helped there too)
    I am happy to say that all I need to do us dull coat him (prays she doesnt use the primer can!)

    I Also finally got the chance to sit down last week end (I was really sick) used my new brushes and am about 80% done with the Glade Guard, I am hoping to finish him this week end,
    when done I will ship both of them.


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    hey TAB, did you get my miniature for the WoH auctions? I shipped it out a couple days ago. Let me know when u get it.

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    No, not yet but I promise ...I will let you know .
    I got Krista\'s Britt on Pegasus today and that is all though.
    I can not wait to see yours it looks so cool in the WIP pictures.

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    Hey there,

    sorry for letting you wait so long, I feel like a total @$$, but rl caught up with me big time, some tests at college (just got back from a middle-egyptian lecture test... tired as hell) and other stuff going on... I\'ll see to it that the elves and the Dwarf are out in the next two weeks...
    Like I said, sorry for the delay. :(

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    W00t! 930+$$ On the latest batch of WOH auctions! Nice nice nice! :flip: Once again, congratulations everyone!

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