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    Got you covered on the address. Sorry rough weekend.

    I am so thrilled this is going so well
    Thanks guys they look really great.
    I will also try to get the very best pictures for you I can.

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    Default Hooo-Haaa!

    I finally won some!!! Now I\'m excited!:bouncy::flip::bouncy: Been trying, but kept getting beat out - partially because my weekend internet access is spotty so I wasn\'t around for the typical last minute flurry of voting. In fact, I\'ve been waiting to be accused of shill voting. I have the dreaded (2) feedback :o and kept getting out bid in the last couple of days. But now I actually won some and I\'m excited. Like a kid at Christmas! Can\'t wait to get \'em!

    Anyways, just had to share my joy :D

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    These are what mine look like, I posted a picture here because stupidly i forgot to include a note saying who they were from (so if you see a parcel arrive containing the above minis its mine! :))

    I\'ve boxed them up and should be sending them tomorrow morning so you should get them in about 5ish days.

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    Hi there
    I went to go pay Missionfish for our previous auctions. I normally go to a listing and click through to their site. I went to Arjays auction to do this and low and behold there was no Missionfish symbol. They have started it where you can now use Turbo lister to list non profit auctions and it saves me a great deal of listing time. I had to do each listing upload manually before.
    There are bugs still in the program I have had to call Missionfish 3 times so far to work out the fact they do not pick up our listing and the fact I have no way to pay them, Think I have conversed with Heather there enough to know her on a friendly basis.
    If I had been less lucky and not noticed the missing link It would have been a very ugly situation. You can not revise something like this after bids are on it, so I had no choice but to cancel or put the project in jeopardy. I am thankful that I happen to stumble in and found the error.
    Please rebid, bid higher, and I will triple check any future upload for this bug.

    As posted in the Trading forum

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    Well, i built the display base no problem, but i\'ve been strugling to paint it for a loooooooooooooooong time now. What\'s everyone think? Looking to make it as good as possible to raise as much money with the unit it\'s sold with.


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    The display base is excellent itchy. With a bit of modifation it will also make a nice terrain feature as well. What unit are you painting I assume kremri

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    Hi all
    Dr I got your package today
    You wonderful man Much love from us all to you and Fran.
    Jochen I got the terrain as well it is really great and will bring a pretty penny to Help we feel sure. Great work.
    Jeff we got the Privateer Press minis you painted, they are great models and so well done
    Thank you for sharing what you really love you guys.
    Thanks Mike and Fran for the chocolaty goodies
    Erics mini is next in line so hold on to your hats :D

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    Originally posted by TAB Studio
    Erics mini is next in line
    ooh, ooh, I\'m excited, my first ebay mini ever!

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    Are they there yet. Did my minis turn up yet Tab. Just wondering is all.

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    No Not yet.... promise I will tell you:)

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    Originally posted by TAB Studio
    Dr I got your package today
    You wonderful man Much love from us all to you and Fran.
    Thanks Mike and Fran for the chocolaty goodies
    Well I thought you might appreciate a little \"Treat\" after all the great work you\'ve been doing, Plus If you have the chocolate it\'ll help keep my waistline down. :D

    I\'m looking forward to seeing EricJ\'s WoH figures going up for sale. But unfortunatley I can\'t bid on it. (The bank manager would send \"Da Boys\" round!) lol

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    Limited Edtition Standard Bearer
    EricJ auction Link

    @CF Dauber Thank you for the kindness you guys!
    @Dr half the Chocolet has vanished already, I have to hide it better.

    Congratulations Dauber !!! you are becoming an eBay bidding pro right before our eyes. It is a beautiful mini wait till you see it!
    Cheers all
    Next week I am back to multiple auction format I think. I am getting a bit of a break and waiting for missionfish to fix bugs that seem not to go away. Still calling and writing the IT team is on it they say so I will wait.

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    OK I placed my \"Token\" bid.. time to be out bid now :D

    Nice piece per useual...

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    Wowzers. 3 hours on line and over 100 $ in bids :o This is looking good :flip:
    But then, the mini deserves every bit of attention :)

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    Iv\'e been retouching the scouts for 12 hours now :( . i wont go to bed before they are done.

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    Hey Tracy, UPS says the base is there... is it/do you like it?:D

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    Yes it is
    Saw you on the messenger
    and you know I love it!
    I Will flock and get a troop it will be
    Da Bomb thank you so very much!

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    Default So that you know ...

    I\'m working on the Spellsinger right now, hope to have her ready next week the latest.

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    Hello All! Finally finished my sorry for such a dealey (health problems) well, here it\'s 99,9% done -Wardancer champion- I wanted to create some sort of a story - Dark elf beaten in combat running away from Wardancer,jumped in to the freezing river only to meet his doom...ok hope you like it.
    ps. sorry for my english...

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    So whats going on with the scout competition. Is it still on? Has all the entries gone in yet? Just wondering.

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