New October Releases from Hasslefree
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Thread: New October Releases from Hasslefree

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    Default New October Releases from Hasslefree

    Some very nice new stuff this month from Hasslefree...

    First up Mary Hasslefree\'s first 54mm sculpt check her out Here

    Next up 2 new additions to the Adventurer line Grant and Jess

    A couple of older bits now available seperately Gen\'s Altar and Imogen\'s Wings

    Also now the Original FU-UK sculpt of Alice is available direct from its creator.

    If you liked Ashlee the Zombie hunter your gonna love Zombie Ashlee looks like she wasnt as quick as she thought!

    so thats some damn nice stuff to check out from one of the friendliest mini companies out there Hasslefree Miniatures

    oooh and dont miss the new stuff on Kev\'s Workbench new \"Gangsta\" Alice conversion and Zombie hunter weapons amongst others!

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    Already have my zombies and zombie hunters. :D

    The kiddie zombie hunters are uber-cool and miniscule! Dunno how I\'m gonna paint \'em properly.

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    Default Hasslefree!

    Incredible quality and eclectic line. No wonder Hasslefree has become so many painter/collectors favorite.

    I really like that zombie Ashley.

    Mary is no slouch on the green stuff either. Great job on a full bodied gal!

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    Yeah.I have grown to love Hasslefree too.
    I like the women because they have realistic bodies.

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    Yeah, especially the

    You can\'t go wrong with Hasslefree...still the best customer service I\'ve encountered when ordering minis.

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    Great Stuff as usual. I Love Mary and Grant. :D

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    Nice stuff. i must get me a few hasslefree minis one day.

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    Such good work. Love em all. If only I had a million dollars I might be able to sustain my mini buying appetite.

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