What are these two eldar-ish minis?
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Thread: What are these two eldar-ish minis?

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    Default What are these two eldar-ish minis?

    Hey everyone,

    I came across these two minis, thought they were cool, so I stripped them, and thought I might paint them.

    Anyway, I don\'t know what they are, so I was thinking if any one here would. As you can (barely) see from the pic, they are marked only GW 1990, and I didn\'t find them on Stuff of Legends.

    Opinions are appreciated, and feel free also to suggest how I should paint them, as I\'m still not sure. :)

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    As collector of many GW catalogs I can say that you have a couple of Epic Eldar Knights :)

    Here\'s the page from the Stuff of Legends archive:


    Nice miniatures :)

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    They are 1990 Epic Eldar Knights

    Basically small titan-type things that developed on sci-fantasy worlds in both Human and Eldar space where they used to have a feudal system of leadership.

    [edit]: You beat me to it!

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    In addition to what has already been said there are 9 Eldar Knights and 9 Imperial Knights althought the Imperial ones are better known as Paladins and Warders.

    Having sold a few of these on EBay recently I have been imformed by a buyer that the Eldar Stallion Knights can be substituted in the Epic 40K new ruules as Prism Cannons but can niether confirm or deny this as I stopped playing Epic a while ago :D

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    Ok, thanks a lot all, I knew I could count on you. :)

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    Paint them as harliquins.

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    I love those little guys. I think that why I use to love GW so much.There stuff use to have character. Now alot of it is pretty bland. The Empire Elector count and the new Tyrion aren\'t on the bland list.:D

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