Crisis 2005 in Antwerp, Belgium - who\'s going?
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Thread: Crisis 2005 in Antwerp, Belgium - who\'s going?

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    Default Crisis 2005 in Antwerp, Belgium - who\'s going?


    next week it\'s the time again to put Belgium on the mini-painting world map again :) it\'s time for Crisis 2005.

    Last year Jasper (Mordred), Filip (Tuubje) and myself met some very nice CMON people: Ming-Hua (minimaker), Michael Holzapfel, Holger Schmidt, Dirk Stiller, etc.

    So I was wondering who else is going this year? It would be cool to have a little list here to arrange a meet up or something :)

    here\'s a link to the official event pages:
    and last year\'s pictures:

    hope to see you there!


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    Default Count us in!

    Hi Gerrie, Peter and I will be there as you know. It will be cool to meet up with everyone.

    I\'ll contact you via email with details of where we are staying etc. Looking forward to seeing you and Filip again.

    Take care


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    Hey, you\'re coming this year? Great. Cindy and I\'ll be trying to leave about 9.15, so I expect we should be able to make 11.00. So, 11.00 at the freebooter stand? And if we\'re not there, at 12.00. :)

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Default Piccies please!!!

    Ya\'ll be sure and take pictures so I can include them in the Yearbook Addendum!


    P.S. Have a great time & good luck!!

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    @Tooshy: okay that\'s cool, I\'ll be waiting for your mail :), and be sending one myself with the weather forecast, as promised :D

    @minimaker: I\'m not sure when I will come, but I\'ll try to be there before 11.00. After all, I\'ve got a lot of chatting to do with all of you :D Sorry our chat last sunday at Spellenspektakel was so short, but I didn\'t want to hold up my friends much longer from hunting Magic cards ;)

    I\'m off painting again now, still preparing an entry for the painting comp there :)

    see you all!

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    It looks like I will be joining Ming-Hua and Cindy on their trip to Antwerp. So eleven o\'clock it is... if we don\'t end up driving aimlessly around the Belgian countryside that is. (something which happened now and again in the past with our great combined sense of direction :P

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    well one positive point is that the major roadworks around Antwerp are over :)

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    Hmm, roadworks have never kept Cindy and me from getting lost on the way to a convention. lol

    Edit, just a sec, \"major roadworks\"?

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    at the end of the E313/E34 highway, when you are about to turn on the ring around Antwerp, head north, direction Breda. Then take the exit called \"Merksem\". Then you\'re almost there :)

    If you want to use a routeplanner, set the Kotterstraat in Antwerpen as your destination, it\'s the one closest to the Metropolis-complex where it is held.

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    I\'ll be there too :)

    It looks like I will fail to finish a miniature for the painting comp though (this year is definitely not my year ... real life intefered with every painting comp this year Miniaturansichten, GD, Crisis ... :( ). I just moved to a new appartment with my girlfriend and I barely had any time to paint at all :(

    Anyway, I\'m looking forward to meet both old friends and new :flip:

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    ooh, sorry to hear that Michael :(

    I also didn\'t finish what I wanted to (it\'s always like this :)), so I\'ll be entering only one piece especially made for this comp, for the rest I will be entering stuff I painted earlier this year.

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    I\'ll be there ofcourse! I look forward to seeing you all again

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