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    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to draw your attention to an auction Privateer Press is having to raise money for the American Red Cross. Check out this thread if you want to know more about the project -http://forums.privateerpress.com/index.php?showtopic=53567

    It would be great to get loads more bids on this fig but if that\'s not possible your vote would be much appreciated.



    Katrina Vlad

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    I tried to post mention of this in the general discussion forum when I first heard about it, but never seemed to get much interest:(

    btw, I love your work Fluffy, I\'m a huge fan of your stuff and Warmachine, I try and pimp it out to everyone at the local game store.....I got some of \'em converted, but not enough!lol

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    very cool figure.....i cant afford the studio one but i`ve ordered a few from a mini store ...and i think they give money to the cause so they say?is this right?........hope the auction goes well.

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    wow, that\'s really great work fluffy. i love the red armor and the symbol you painted on the cape. i\'m about to start warmacine and i want to say that one of your works got me into the game (menoth paladin)

    again, a beautiful piece of work, fluffy.

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    Default Auction over

    Thanks to everyone who bid on this mini and everyone who plans to buy a casting of Katrina Vlad.

    The final price was $820....Yaay!!

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    Bleedin\' heck!

    Big money!

    Well deserved, he was lovely. ;)

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    Awesome and well deserved.

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    $820 is a steal for that figure. But it still a great amout to raise.

    Congratulations for doing this as well. Another admiration point. (Ok I\'ll switch off the fanboy mode) ;) :D

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    Just got a couple in the post yesterday ......now to paint them.Cool looking mini i would urge anyone to buy one/two/three..etc.

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