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    Thats what I thought BFPO is similar and is normally followed by a number in the case of ships this number also forms part of the e-mail address theses days but at one time used to be followed by the word ships as well i.e. BFPO 346 Ships.

    Even out in the Gulf during the 90/91 edition of the conflict even though attatched to a Navy forward support unit we had a BFPO number - everybody is a number for big brother to track :D

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    Hi Klute. No. Just be a good boy and do it the same way Alexi had to do it. :)

    Thanks War Gryffon and Steel Cult. Sounds ok but I\'ll chicken out a bit as we\'ve no experience of strange places like the Philippines and US APO and ammend my earlier rash statement to say: We\'ll send the minis anywhere that the normal British postal services think they can reach.

    A few of you have asked me if we\'d courier the stuff if you paid the extra. I\'m afraid the answer is no we simply don\'t want the hassle. We are very simple folk at heart. Hope you\'ll cut me a bit of slack on that.

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    Hi everyone. I\'m going to desert this thread now as I need to get on with my day job of making bread and butter wargames minis for our regular mail order customers.

    I have to say it\'s been a vey interesting although somewhat unusual experience talking to you all. I\'ll come back around the middle of January and open a new thread to remind you what this is all about and then you can pitch your hats in the ring or not as you think fit.

    I\'d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in case I don\'t bump into you between now and then. And I hope Santa brings you lots of nice minis and some super paints and that you enjoy using one to bring the other alive.

    I\'ll be back

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