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    Default Temperance hits 100!

    I broke 100!
    Okay, 102, actually. I had to delete two.

    Last night I submitted my 99-102nd miniature to CMoN, which happened to be a set of four trophies for the WotC D&D Miniatures game Sealed Championship that is going on at Gen Con So Cal next weekend.


    Anyway, it\'s been a long four years. I could go through and highlight a ton of figures over the past few years, but I\'ll just mention a few of my favorites.

    Reaper Fog Wraith ( http://www.coolminiornot.com/641 )
    The first figure I submitted, way back in 2001 when there were less than 1000 figures. Submitted on Dec 7, 2001.

    Reaper Troll ( http://www.coolminiornot.com/4062 )
    This figure was the first figure with which I broke the 7.0 barrier.

    Shrieker ( http://www.coolminiornot.com/5977 )
    This was the first figure I sculpted, and led to my first commission; casting a set of 30.

    Gelatinous Cube ( http://www.coolminiornot.com/12559 )
    My highest rated figure, which is based entirely from the Monster Manual artwork.

    Vandorendra, Demon ( http://www.coolminiornot.com/38862 )
    This is where I think I finally understood how to do skin well. It\'s tied with my most favorite figure that I\'ve ever done.

    Twi\'lek Jedi ( http://www.coolminiornot.com/85262 )
    This is my other favorite, and would be my vote for the most underrated. (GCube is most overrated, obviously...) I love the glowing effect of the lightsaber and the lighting effects on her back.

    Now I haven\'t been able to be as active in the forums for personal reasons (and that the amount of posts is staggering these days...) but I do pop in every once in a while to see what\'s up. But just a quick thank you to everyone that makes this such a great community!

    Thank you for making this the community that it is!

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    Congratulations, you\'ve improved impressively (Though I agree with the GCube being the most overrated mini of yours...). Wouldn\'t mind to see another 100 miniatures like your latest ones.
    Keep it up!

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    Default Congratulations!

    ... on hitting 100 (and then some) and thanks for the walking tour down memory lane :D It was kind of fun to be able to watch you evolve. All four of the new minis look great! I think my favorite is the Justicator. Though I couldn\'t say exactly why.

    We miss you not being around in the Forums, but it\'s nice to know you still keep an eye on things. :)

    As one of the \"Old Ones\", who by the time I arrived had already seemingly been here forever, :D I\'d like to thank YOU for all you did to help bring this community to life and help lay the groundwork for what its become.

    Thanks, Temperance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    KUDOS to Temperance.

    I\'ve always been amazed at the creativity and skill you have shown on all of your submissions. Your gallery is like a 3-d AD&D Monster Manual.

    Also, how you have taken the time to put up several wonderful tutorials.

    When I think of CMoN, and some of its \'icons\', I always think of that Gelatinous Cube.

    Some other highly inspired works from Temperance...

    This excellent tutorial...


    And this submission is also one of my favorites..


    What a simple, elegant solution.

    Thanks for all you have done.

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    Congrats Temperance. A nice walk thru memory lane. Its pretty obvious how your painting has improved over the years. The latest batch are spectacular to say the least. All of them IMHO 9+. I guess you\'ll have to do a scribor and have a temperance2.

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    Happy birthday! Oh, um, never mind. Carry on.

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    Well done there Peter.
    That jelly cube was a real highlight.

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    Pete, thank you for being here. And thank you for sharing this place with me.

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    Default he did it!


    That is a great accomplishment for one who is truly a \"painter\'s painter\";)

    Pete was instrumental to our introduction into the mini painting world... and CMON in particular. Way back in 2002:rolleyes:

    His generosity made so much possible for us, and helped this community grow into the showcase that it is.

    ....Bows to the resin master.....

    As others have said, many times, many ways.


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    Many of your minis are on my favorites list. You are one of the graven images to which I pay homage at the paint altar. Thanks and congrats.:D

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    Thanks, all!

    Originally posted by Ogrebane
    I guess you\'ll have to do a scribor and have a temperance2.
    There was a thread a while ago talking about anagrams, and \"Ace MN Peter\" is an anagram of Temperance... My name is Peter, and I was born in MN... So if I took another name, it would be that one.

    In reality I\'ll probably slowly delete my older/worse figures.

    Originally posted by Wappellious
    Pete was instrumental to our introduction into the mini painting world... and CMON in particular. Way back in 2002:rolleyes:
    And boy did you quickly surpass me! ;)

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    WOW!!! Congratualtions. :o

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