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    Default Hasslefree by Klute

    I\'ve been resizing a lot of my pics for the Hasslefree website gallery.
    Well it dawned on me that I\'ve been doing commissions for them for about 1 year now and I thought it would be nice to put a load of my pics up here in one place.
    Sally and Kev are really nice to work for and I don\'t think I would ever get sick of painting Kev\'s sculpts.
    Anyway in a rough chronological order.



    Bunny Boiler Alice


    Orc Wolf

    Narg and Gayle




    Nubian with sheild

    Nubian with spear

    Akanke 2




    Beach Babe




    Never realised I had done that many. There are some that are\'nt even shown here.
    My favourite is propably Miranda.

    Here\'s a link to Hasslefree\'s website.
    Well worth a look.

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    My favourites are Akanke 1, then Miranda and then Mary. Mary has an unusual old masters feel to it that I particularly like.


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    I like number 14 the best...:rolleyes:

    They are all wonderful. I actually have many favorites. Miranda creates alot of emotion for just being a little piece of metal. I really love the Goblin (1st pic), and Narg the torturer is cool.

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    I think thats what I like most with Kev\'s sculpts.
    One minute Im painting armed to the teeth zombie hunters and the next its classical looking naked women.

    Yes Jim that is a good one.

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    Nice work Mark, so much so I had to go and do a bit more shoping over at Hasslefree :D Good job I\'m buying mostly for me thhis Xmas lol

    I couldn\'t find Miranda or Narg and his subject though :(

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    Miranda is not released yet.
    This was the winner at the Frothers sculpting competition and will be out soon along with the other winners as a set from Frothers.

    Narg should be in with the villiagers I think as Narg the torturer. Gayle is one of the poledancers with a slight conversion.

    Oh and thanks.

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    It\'s great to see all of that work of yours Mark in one place :). It\'s true Miranda is the piece that has the most emotion to it, but paintwise I prefer Stahler, Orc Wolf, and Krags.

    By the way, putting Akanke and her big sword right after Bugharoth is quite dangerous for the \"little fellow\" :P.

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    Mary is a real blonde girl, no?:D:o:innocent:

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    This is great stuff Mark! :)

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    Originally posted by Raftanga
    Mary is a real blonde girl, no?:D:o:innocent:
    Yes she is and if you look closely you will see the concubine is too, of the Brazillian variety.

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    Default love da bases!

    Great painting there Klute!

    Great basing as well:cool:


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    Cheers James

    The only base Im not happy with is beach babe. From the top its transparent water showing the sand underneath but from the side the \"surf\" around her feet makes it look like snow. And she aint dressed for winter.lol

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    They are all excellent. I remember a couple from the skin up class, but I like the Nubian with shield best.

    Miranda reminds me of those paintings of a woman on the beach with violin players or a table and waiters. Very sad images. I wish I could remember the artist....

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    The Miranda sculpt is based on a classic painting Miranda and the Tempest by John Waterhouse.


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    Actually, I was thinking of KUNSTVERLAG REISSER

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    Very funky!

    Pics look good redone.

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    Thanks Scott

    My lighting is so bad. On the earlier stuff it really showed. I think the concubine has benefitted most from the brightness adjustment.

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    How do you do the water on your bases...it looks great.

    They\'re all really nice paint jobs and Kev\'s minis are such a pleasure to paint. Great stuff!

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    Hi Ali
    The water is 2 part clear epoxy glue. Quick setting stuff. I mix paint into it too for toxic waste etc.
    The base for Miranda has gloss varnish layered over the top to add a bit texture, ripples sort of.
    I have just got some clear gloss acrylic gel medium. The Galleria stuff I think its Windsor Newton. That really good for texture. Its milky to start but dries clear. Im going to be experimenting more with that.
    Im actually half way through a water base tutorial for Hasslefree.

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    I think Miranda invokes the most emotion, mini-wise.

    You can\'t go wrong with Kev and Sally\'s stuff, they\'re excellent!

    I have to say though, I think your version of \"nubian\" skin is fantastic! There\'s a couple of minis I\'d like to try that on, but the idea frightens me. GREAT job!

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