how can i paint scratches on white armor?
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Thread: how can i paint scratches on white armor?

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    Default how can i paint scratches on white armor?

    i am having alot of trouble painting scratched white space marine armor. i do the base scratch black. then dark flesh over that. but there is no color in my opinion to highlight it with. does any one have some help for me? i will try getting pics up soon.

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    There are articles here on scratches/dents and this thread has some tips:

    White armour isn\'t painted white exclusively - only the upper edges and lit planes might be white so you should be able to just make out a white highlight line on any surface that\'s not facing upwards if you shade the white correctly. It will be quite subtle of course but that\'s natural for white.


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    hm... i did the modle pretty white. it is not perfect white but there isn\'t enought of a difference to show that the scrathes are highlighted. i guess i should darken it.

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    quite simple, you paint the darker parts as usual but when it come to the white stip you have to lay a darker strip (medium grey) above it, so it lookes like the surface is bent

    an example i did in paint, please excuse the quality (or lack thereof)

    i saw some really nice examples of these on a historical mounted knight templar in a miniature magazine, but i couldnt find any pictures of it, sorry :\\

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    @Joshua Thats sounds better than what i was going to suggest. You paint the dark bit then underneath paint chainmail to show that the metal is showing thru. Not sure how it will show up on white but it looks ok on bone.

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    thanks all. i actually ended up fethering over the white i did already with an ever so slight grey coat. then i did the scratches with dark flesh and a pure white highlight. i will put the pictures up of it whrn it is finished. should be done this week.

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    i got the picture of it. i never really used image code much. can i put an image on from \"my picture folder\" or does it have to be a link or a site? can someone help out. thanks

    forged in iron

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    it has to be a link, sorry to disappoint you :~(

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    basic scratching on metal.... paint the scratch mark black then do a thin line of metallic overtop once the black has dried, and be sure to leave a thin like of black between the scratch and the paint (in your case between the metallic and white should be a thin line of black)

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    i guess a link will work:
    here is the 2 pics of the champion so far. is is only about 70% finished.
    by the way the pics are HORRIBLE. they were done with a crappy scanner.

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    Horribly small. So small the scratches even look okay. So post something bigger please... Nice coat, by the way.

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    ill try to zoom and lighten the pic up. i don\'t have a digital camera yet so can only scann the modle. but it will probly become insan;y blurry if i zoom anymore.

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    Hey forge just a word of advice and it just my opinion but when you do the scratches try to remeber that less is more. Ive seen some covered in scratches and whilst well done took away from the mini. The pics are too small to make out the detail so if you can get bigger pics that would be good.

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    yeah dont blast ur mini with scratches otherwise it\'ll seems a meatgrinded mini!

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    lol try not to. i will get better pics.

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