Viktoria, Wyrd miniatures swordgirl
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Thread: Viktoria, Wyrd miniatures swordgirl

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    Default Viktoria, Wyrd miniatures swordgirl

    Hi everyone, despite my huge workload, I managed to fit in a paint job when I could get away from the computer.

    Something a bit different for me I think, although using some elements I\'ve played with before but I wanted to focus on the dark comic book/manga feel of the sculpt. Done by Edgar Ramos (ergman) for Wyrd Miniatures. Take a look!

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    As always, comments and critiques are welcomed!


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    A nice mini and a superb paintjob to create some awesome atmosphere. :cool:

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    Sweet job Eric.
    Cant wait to get mine.

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    Hah, he snuck her up here. Evil Eric! Evil!


    Wonderful job as I well knew it would be!

    And for those you wondering, the production casts come in this Friday or Saturday (baring any postal snafu) and will get shipped out early next week.

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    2 words.. HOLY CRAP! care to send some of that skill this way? ??? lol :rolleyes:

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    Nice job eric. Now I know how to paint here when I finally get her. Love the dark overtones. She looks very ominous

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    good job, my only criticism is that the skin color is too dark,but that\'s a personal opinion

    voted 9

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    Wonderful paintjob, I really like the blades.

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    :o Holy cow!

    Nice color choice! Superb!

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    Thats a sweet mini.

    I really like the atmosphere it creates...The road on the base, and the blood splatters...what trouble has this lady started??

    I preordered my Wyrd minis...can\'t wait to get them, they look incredibly cool.

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    Amazing. I especially like the blood and blades. Although why no blood on the blades?? No choppy, choppy for the lady :(?

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    This is painted mini&!:o Cant believe!!! Looking like artwork. Fantastic. Wow:o

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    Tell them the fun part, Eric. The part about how you only opened 4 pots of paint total to paint this piece.

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    Eric, I have to confess, I absolutely love her!

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    Originally posted by darthfoley
    Tell them the fun part, Eric. The part about how you only opened 4 pots of paint total to paint this piece.
    ah yes :)

    With all the talk of mixing just a few colors to achieve the look you wanted, I figured I\'d try it here. She is painted with just GW chaos black, skull white, shadow grey, and dark flesh (which happen to be my 4 favorite colors).

    The skin is a mix of all 4, but then the rest of the model uses shadow grey to make the surfaces with blue hues, and dark flesh to make the redish hues. (the base does use some blood red).

    It was definately a good challenge and the reason I did it was becuse I figure in low light since you don\'t pick up colors real well with your eye, then 2 things happen. The colors get muted, and similar colors all look alike, so it was sort of the perfect piece to try this on. I\'m happy with it! however I don\'t think its something I\'ll do again all that soon, lol

    YellowOne, Margo thank you for the kind words.

    Mrteal, I did think about the blood lackign on the swords, but I thought she looked like the type who would meticulously clean her swords right after a fight, I had thought about putting a rag covered in blood to show this but that seemed like it would be just as confusing (of course the real reason is I liked they way my nmm turned out and I didn\'t want to cover it ;) )

    Nathan :) oops, did I post this ;)

    Corvus, about the skin. I did make it have shadows, maybe a little too much, but again this was keeping the idea of a dark scene in mind, so I didn\'t feel like I could make it too much lighter without ruining that feeling a little, right or wrong...

    Thanks everyone :):)


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    Limited palette, unlimited talent (well almost). Bugger a badger - she\'s a beauty.

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    Man, you`we shoot me down:D I looking on your Victorya and understand, what you are realy gifted person:D

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