Johnsons future no-wax floor finish
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Thread: Johnsons future no-wax floor finish

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    Seth Gecko

    Default Johnsons future no-wax floor finish

    Could anyone tell me where i can get this stuff in the UK, and is it called something different here?

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    Default uk equivalent

    is Klear - also Johnson Wax:)

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    Default The deal with Future

    For a long time I was a devoted Future user. Even after many people told me to move to a variant homebrewed magic wash...I resisted. I could not see the shininess after a couple of layers of Dullcote. It did however make my fingers and brushes sticky.

    However, I was finally convinced at a paint session with Jen Haley and Vaitalla that I should try the magic wash. Since then I have been using magic wash with better results. Side by side the Future minis were shinier than the MW minis. Vaitalla helped me with my recipe and you can find it here: 9

    Or just go the articles section of CMON. In the States Future is about $7 for a 16oz bottle. The ingredients in MW are about double that but well worth it. I paint a lot and my batch usually lasts about two months.

    Hope it helps.

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