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    Default at least 8

    what are more common considerations to take at least an 8 as a vote for a miniature\'s painting?
    A gret blending,a NMN teqnique, a cool choice of colors..?
    Tell me your considerations

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    That\'s why i consider to vote an 8:

    1. Good painting job: Nice blending, good colour choice, well defined face (if it has)...
    2. Good basing: The mini has to be in a good base or I wont vote 8+. It doesnt need to be a masive sculpted base, but it has to be finished.
    3. Freehand: A cool freehand can add +1 or +1.5 in my count. The same for NMM or SENMM.
    4. Conversion work: A good conversion work can add +1 in my rate.

    1 and 2 r compulsory, the rest r add ons on my count... so if u dont have a well painted mini with a finished base I wont vote 8+ although it has good freehand conversion or whatever combination...


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    8- No significant errors, extremely clean, nicely finished base, perhaps some extra detail added to the existing sculpt such as banner work or patterns in cloth. Fingernails, gems, hair strands, etc have been picked out individually with careful strokes. Complexity and size of the model may begin to add percentage points

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    Perfectly smooth blending and everything addressed (finished base e.g.). An interesting sculpt.

    Really it\'s a question of degrees.
    Rough guide: 6=shaded & no primer showing; 7=very well done, colors make sense and the shading is pretty good; 8=very well done. I can see no flaws. Maybe a 7 with a clever or original idea.
    9=no flaws and the piece fairly leaps off the screen because it is dynamically posed or has a very clever idea. I go for realism; 10=I wish I were 28mm tall....

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    Default 8+

    For me, votes of 4 thru 8 are questions of degree as the others have stated. In general they can be addressed through technique and attention to detail. Votes of a 9 or a 10 are more visceral.

    9 = \"Whoa!\"
    10 = \"HOLY S@@T!\"

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