15mm & 25mm Scenics from ESLO Terrain
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Thread: 15mm & 25mm Scenics from ESLO Terrain

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    Default 15mm & 25mm Scenics from ESLO Terrain

    Hello to all tabletop wargamers and modeling fans. Here are our new releases for January:

    Terrain & Scenery:
    25-30mm Wargaming:

    0169 House Ruin 3 €49.95 EUR (with German Empire eagle /also suitable for WWII)
    1205 Orbit Set €69.95 EUR

    15mm Wargaming:

    015001 Farmhouse €19.95 EUR
    015002 Ruin €22.95 EUR
    015003 Anti-aircraft Emplacement €12.95 EUR

    All of our scenery is handmade, hand-painted, and packed in cartons.

    You are interested in our assortment? Simply ask one of our 10 distributors or 60 storekeepers worldwide.

    Please, visit our website www.gelaendestuecke.de or esloterrain.com

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    I dont as a rule buy scenery but some of this stuff is tempting.

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    Default Question for you...

    The stuff on your website looks great. I was looking at one of your US online distributors and had a question.

    For the modular boards ...what are they made of?

    Also what is your terrian being based on? I wanted to know if it was something that wouldn\'t warp.

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    Our boards are made of 3mm PVC (a kind of plast).

    Our terrain and scenery is on HDF base (is a kind of hard wood). This kind is very stable and doesn\'t bend or warp.

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