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    i know what you mean Tim ..this was my first dragon and it was a bit on the ...where do i start??? line of thinking..came out not too bad....i`ll get a close up of the head in a little while..stay tuned.

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    Lookin\' forward to it .. just picked up the Reaper Dark Heaven 1000 mini dragon ..... and gathering my courage.....

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    Overdue ME6 mini:

    My dwarf from Starfall is finally done:

    (clicky vote linky)

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    I\'m glad to see everyone has gone ahead and started participating in the next exchange. Sorry I haven\'t been around, but my life\'s been a little hectic lately. I\'m glad to see Moderrhu has stepped up to the plate and I wholely support him as the man in charge.

    No worries John, I couldn\'t do it anymore for much the same reason. Take care people, and have fun. - Mark

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    Mark! Don\'t be a stranger! Remember, we\'re here every time you turn on that computer, crowding the bandwidth.:D

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