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    Default I definately will

    since it\'s still my show for a few more days.

    Speaking of which - Still no answer from John, or anyone else for that matter. I\'m wondering if people can\'t find the thread anymore. ???

    Anyhow, I\'ve already shipped to Tiffany, and NYC is a little close Shinjukin, so I guess I\'ll send to Whyspr. Now we need just one more \'doner\', and I\'ll either randomly select who they get (two whole choices!) or they can chose themselves. Dr.Evil - you have any preferences?

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    No I will ship anywhere. But the beer worked out a bit expensive last time so it will have to be a dry package!lol

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    Did I hear that there are \"Painters without Partners\"?

    As always, I am happy to send to them.

    Mark, just let me know who I should send to.

    As for taking over the \"ME\" reins, I would consider it.


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    Default I have a plan...

    (see my Avatar rubbibg his hands together in diabolic joy?)

    First - John, Modderhu has offered to host the exchange if you don\'t want to do it, so do not feel pressured at all. And besides, I would continue to do it if no one stepped forward simply because I enjoy doing it. I just feel it is time to step down because I no longer have as much free time as I used to and can\'t give these exchanges the time they deserve. Also, I thought it would be nice if most of the regulars here on the forums took a couple of turns at it just to keep new blood and fresh ideas coming.

    Next - I will send to Whysper, Dr.Evilmonki can send to Shinjikun1, and Jahecker can send to Leopardpixie (unless they have exchanged before, please let me know and I will switch the partners). I figured it would work best that way because John and I are both geographically close to Shinhukin, and I\'d like people to receive minis they might not have had an opportunity to get before. I\'m sure California has much the same stuff as Ohio and NY, but thats the best I could do with the volunteers I have. BTW, after consulting a US map, I realized that Ohio is actually south of me. I always visualized it as far North, being up near canada and the Great lakes. I forget just how far friggin\' North I am; it\'s never to late to learn something new. :D

    Third - Don, PM me your address. I know where you work and for how long you\'ve been at this hobby, but I think I might actually have something you don\'t, and that you might actually find... intriguing. This is not your regularly scheduled exchange mini, this is just to hold you over until DrEvilmonki\'s figure arrives, since he intends on sending it overland (oversea?), it\'s gonna take three weeks to get to you and we will be WELL into ME7 by then. It should only take one day from me and at least you will have a single mini to paint up until the rest arrives. ;)

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    Thanks MT. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by all. I PMed Dr Evil monki

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    well I beter go check my messages!:)

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    Holy crap just checked out your gallery Don. Looks like I need to send you some sort of scratch built 54mm vehicle :olol.

    I will send a mixture so hopefully there will be something of interest for you. I some some interesting old school stuff (well I think it\'s interesting). It\'s Friday night here so can\'t ship for two more days.

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    hey hey hey there !!!! i said i hadnt gotten them yet! Just did though, See they were being bouned from Sonny to Tab, then to me! and they just got here MR. Mt,

    But i could ship to people who havent gotten any thing yet :D

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    Originally posted by MarkusTay
    Speaking of which - Still no answer from John, or anyone else for that matter. I\'m wondering if people can\'t find the thread anymore. ???
    I think you hit the nail on the head Markus-so much changed on the site so fast that I don\'t think everyone has found everything again yet ??? I know that I had received some pm\'s and some posts from Marineboy prior to the big update and since then haven\'t heard a thing. I haven\'t wanted to be a pest because Real Life happens :D Anyway let me know who I need to PM and I\'ll get on that.

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    So has anyone started paint ME6 minis yet. I have a wolfen but Im too scared to paint him in case I dont do the mini justice.

    Ive downloaded an article so I might give it a go this week.

    Anyone else got some wips yet???

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    i started on 3 of 8.. i got 1 w.i.p pic

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    Here\'s my dwarf WIP:

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    See this is what I need to get me to pull my fingers out. Thanks guys I will start on mine tonite. BTW anyone do Wolfen I have no idea where to start...:(

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    Oops, haven\'t been to this thread in a while....sent Whyspyr a package on the 6th of January, he should be getting it any time now.

    My most sincere apologies for the delay and for not posting with mailing updates, December was a real bitch for me.:(

    edit: The package was sent on the 5th, not the 6th, have pm\'ed Whyspyr, so sorry for the delay, friends.:(

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    OK so I started on one mini. Got a long way to go (I really want to learn blending but my patience sucks)
    Here it is

    Let me know what you think. Actually I should post this in the wips.

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    looks awsome be proud
    im fairly new to cmon what is me6 can anyone participate

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    hey Ogrebane. looking good. That would almost make a really good entry in the Black and white competition, With the skin being an accent colour. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

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    Originally posted by james sequeira
    looks awsome be proud
    im fairly new to cmon what is me6 can anyone participate
    You have missed ME6 but check out the first page. ME7 is on the way and all the rules are on the first page.

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    Originally posted by shinjikun1
    Thanks MT. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by all. I PMed Dr Evil monki
    Sent the figures and a PM today. Hope there is something in there to use (even if it\'s just the extra tentacles!lol)

    By the way I hope you will excuse the primed face on one of the figs. Way back when I stopped painting I primed it as a test for some skin. But of course then I stopped painting for a decade!

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    I would like to sign in for ME :)

    Or do I have to wait till ME7?

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