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    Default Stripping paint without harming GS...

    ... is it possible? I\'ve just started painting again after a four year hiatus, and I want to completely clean down a model I started years ago in order to clean up the conversion and redo the painted areas. However, it\'s got a fair bit of green stuff on it. Is it possible to remove the paint without harming the green stuff, or is GS just too delicate?

    It\'s not the end of the world if I can\'t; I\'ll just redo the sculpting once I\'ve had a bit of practise, as it wasn\'t very good in the first place. However, it\'d be useful if I could strip the paint and leave everything else intact.

    Thanks. I look forward to putting some work on here soon!

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    Welcome back to painting, & welcome to the forums

    Cellulose thinners will definately remove the paint, as the GS is pretty much cured it should hold up so long as you don\'t soak it in the stuff. It may loosen the bond between the mini & the GS

    Do be careful when using it tho, it\'s not that it will burn the skin, (it does dry it out a bit) it\'s the vapour, make sure you\'ve got plenty of ventilation, & just decant a small amount to a glass jar


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    Try oven cleaner it doesnt hurt plastic so I assume GS should be ok as well. Try it on another model with some GS first if you are a bit worried.

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    Now this at least is a wrinkle on the perennial question (stripping is one of those things that seems to get asked about every week Grey Area :)) Normally I would recommend you try oven cleaner also but it might damage GS a bit, as might a strong solvent like cellulose thinners. What\'s the basic figure made out of and what did you prime and paint with?


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    Simple green should work a lot of the time. It might take longer but it doesn\'t damage greenstuff as far as I know.

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    Thanks for the replies. I know that paint stripping has been done to death, but I wasn\'t sure if there were any special considerations for stripping paint from GS. Looks like it\'s just the usual methods!

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    Make sure you don\'t soak the mini for too long in simple green, I had green stuff on some bases and soaked them, if softened the green stuff and the GS and Mini had a falling out,
    Just my $.02

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