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Thread: Where are you from?

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    Default Where are you from?

    I really want to know where most of the CMON visitor live, so please answer this poll :).
    (The given continents are ordered by size. Source: http://www.worldatlas.com/geoquiz/thelist.htm)

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    Default Saludos desde México

    I live in Mexico City, wich, geographically, is in northamerica, but socio-culturally tends to be considered as southamerica. Hobbyists around here tend to exist in a sort of vacuum, since tabletop wargaming is not a very popular hobby, and modelism ussually focus on the more traditional types of kits (armor, aircraft, etc.).

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    Default I am Canadian

    Yes, just like Bill Shatner, I am Canadian. I actually live in Central Alberta, not in Calgary or Edmonton, so access to many things is sometimes limited for me. I know very few other painters, or even gamers right around where I live, though there are many other greats in Alberta, like Jarrett (Shroud) and Angela (SaxonAngel) to name a couple :D

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    I know the feeling of being geographically isolated! I live right smack in the middle of the US and it\'s a 2 hour drive to the nearest gaming store!

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    Dont feel so isolated Evonine - I live in Austin Texas and still have to drive at least an hour to get to a shop - between the Highway Department and poor planning the roads here suck.:D

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    Well I can\'t say that I am isolated in the North of England, as I\'m 20 mins from my nearest GW store, & 2 hour drive away from GW\'s Headquarters in Nottingham.

    I know that SturnHalo lives somewhere in Derbyshire which is the next county(ish) & Reverend lives in Wales.

    As for the Motorways (Highways)..... Don\'t even go there!

    As for being isolated.....Nah that\'s what CMON\'s stops.

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    I live here in northeastern Iowa, about two hours west of the Mississippi River.

    Example of Spring in Iowa: Last Monday we got hit with a snow storm, nine inches fell. This Monday, record temps of 90 degrees!


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    Great idea for a poll.

    I live in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Living in the second largest city in Canada, I\'m lucky to have access to a large and active mini gaming and painting community.

    It is currently raining . . . . ;)


    Darkblade :cool:

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    I know what you mean, SuperVike. I live in Upstate New York, a half hour south of Lake Ontario. A week ago we went 3 days without power because of an ice storm. The temperature was 28. Today, its 83. Go figure. In fact, yesterday morning it was 23 when I went to work and 75 when I headed for home.

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    Though I was born in Hawaii and am currently living in Texas, My earliest memories are of being stationed in Bremerhaven, Germany. So I seem to have a slightly more \"European\" veiw than most. Just goes to show your environment does effect you. :)

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    Born in London, I got fed up with city life and moved to the country. I now live in Cornwall near the Eden Project, though I haven\'t found the time to go there yet:(

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    Born and raised in Edmonton Alberta Canada by immigrant German parents. Lived there or in the suburbs mainly till about 2 1/2 years ago when I moved 300 km south to warmer climes in Calgary. No friends or family down here but I still got my books and brushes! :D

    And it\'s my 50th post!

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    Default reluctant mockney

    30 years livin\' in the big smoke, gor bless you guvnor, and I still wonder why. I was born in Africa and still hanker after the wide open spaces - wider that is than Brockwell Park.

    FYI - for a big city, London sucks in the provision of gaming and model shops - only a couple in the center of town. They\'re all oop north, I hear, places like that Nottingham - past Watford somewhere, I dunno

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    When I\'m at work here in Antwerp, it\'s about 15 minutes on foot to two shops that sell warhammer. There\'s also a large modelling store nearby. But most of the time I buy my warhammer stuff somewhere else where I get a discount, but this is 45 minutes by car.

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    Default Ik ben een nederlander

    I live in the netherlands and that sucks, its most of the time bad weather here(rain, cold, clouds). And the GW\'s are very very rare here it takes about 2 hours to get to one:(.
    But hey there are also good things!
    I can speak Dutch, German, French and English! And I\'m only 15 years old!
    And everybody is very friendly here and I have a democratie! My laws rock!

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    i am from germany, good old oberhausen in nordrhein- westfahlen, to be a little more concrete.

    it\'s kinda nice here, lotsa fantasy stores around. and a huge bunsh of whfb players.

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    Default Where I\'m from.

    I live in Illinois, no not Chicago. Best description would be near a military base not far from St. Louis, Missouri. Lots of little gaming stores around, but for anything decent I have to cross the river and head into St. Louis.

    I work for a military contractor though and travel a great deal for my job, so naturally I try to find the good gaming shops wherever they send me. :P

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    North-America is to big of a country to win from!

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    Born and raised in Sacramento, California but I have lived in New York City for the last 5 years . . . I miss California a bit . . . <sniff>

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    ozzie ozzie ozzie oi oi oi is anyone alse ftom australia????

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