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    The plural for Dwarf is Dwarfs ? :o

    This blows my mind...

    In this case, I like the old one better, but the other new model is so much better ( The direct service exclusive with winged helm.. my first official model.. dig it.)

    For the rest of the topic, we all just KNOW that GW figurines are overly expansive, and we dig them anyway, there is no good deal to find there, let\'s just assume it.lol

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    An old dwarf fan, it\'s time i rang in.

    I am going to buy a new dwarf lord, before it becomes dated. I like the new lord minis. Amoung the new models, the one posted up above I care for the least. That said, the old dwarf lord is very different from the new ones. While the new ones have certain character, which is fresh, intellegent, and welcome. The old model (beautifully painted here 100612, which may have just inspired me to repaint my own, ty.) can be compared to a battle god. Iv\'e always thought this model exudes one thing, an almost mythical battle mastery. No doubt I can make one beautiful showcase.

    That being said. I\'d like to chirp in with my own. The new thunderers do not carry the degree of character the predicessors had. Not only are the guns hardly visible, but the guns themselves do not compare to the character chalked guns of old. Now the old thundereds had character! When i look at my unit, i can only think of a group of hunters/soldiers, and gunmen, gathered to defend thier mountain home! Weapons crafted with exquisite detail, and attitude to boot!

    With the old rules, i am not current, for a special unit choice, i would collect long beards. But I understand they are now core units. Iron breakers were my favorite at one time, when they had a 2+ save.
    Hammeres are a great choice as well.

    The new bolt-thrower. I dont know what this warmachine is supposed to look like.. a dwarf? It certainly isnt mobile (or easily moved), or as funtional as any bolt thrower should be. To much attention to styling on this one guyes, it does not seem practical. The bolt thrower ought to be simple, moveable...not a mini anvil of doom. No pun intended.

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