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Thread: do You like radio plays ?

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    Default do You like radio plays ?

    Within the last few months I developed a liking for radio play cd\'s. It began quite innocent with the \"hobbit\" on 4 cd I got in a bargain sale.
    The first sign of trouble was when my beloved asked me \"how often do you intend to play this... You must surely know it by heart now, counting 3 repetitions at least...\" right .
    So I bought new radio plays on cd...and...more of my favorite series. I have quite a lot now, as my beloved pointed out to me \"you have to get a new cd-rack for your radio plays\".

    Mind please, I\'m not talking about audiobooks, where some minor celebrity is reading you a book. What I mean is: music, different people talking, thrillermusic, splattersounds ... cries. ... whispering..

    Is there anybody out there who likes that stuff too?

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    Well, at the risk of showing my age (which I\'ve already done on another thread) I used to listen to them when they were aired on the radio. The Lone Ranger used to come on every night and I used to love it.

    BTW- They were nostalgic reruns and I\'m only thirty-twelve.

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    I listen to radio most days. This is the best station (has thriller/horror/crime which I think would be \"radio plays\", but the best part is the comedy, the contemporary stuff is actually a lot better than TV comedy. Some classic stuff is a bit old for me, but some is great, Hancock etc).

    The current schedule isn\'t the best, but it will change in a matter of days. Stuff like Jeremy Hardy, Milton Jones, The Boosh and far too much else to list.

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    I\'ve always loved the format, but they are hard to come by over here, it seems. I\'ve seen some in the bookstore, but they usually want like 50 bucks for them...too rich for me. I should check out the library for some.

    It would be quite a fun thing to listen to, while painting, as opposed to trying to watch TV while painting...Its worth a try.

    I know you aren\'t talking about audio books, but some of those can be greatly entertaining as well, especially if the \'reader\' emotes the characters.

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    I do the audio book thing while driving, and sometimes while painting, but not often. Usually I talk to my wife while painting (while she enters on-line contests).

    I LOVE radio plays, but yeah, they are very expensive. My local public radio station plays old radio shows on Sunday nights. The only real serial they do consistently though is Gunsmoke.
    Years ago I caught the snippits of Ruby: the Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe that they used to play on the radio and was totally hooked, but could never find it or anyone else who\'d heard of it.
    Now, thanks to my selective memory and the internet I see I can get the whole series for only $230.00.

    Well, it\'s on the wishlist anyway.

    It and other radio plays can be found here
    ZBS foundation

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    I also like radio plays. I have a few.. the Hobbit, LOTR and a lot of the older serials from the 40\'s I use to have more on my old PC that I downloaded from napster..way back when it was free LOL but that PC crashed and burned.

    I think most public librarys should have many for you to borrow or rent.

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    My wife and I were driving from Chicago to Rockford, IL about 90 miles away to visit her parents a couple of years ago. We were listening to an old radio play with some kind of Nancy Drew- like mystery going on. We wer losing reception, so we turned off of the expressway and onto a side road to listen to the rest of the story. We were on the side of the road with our hazard lights on and this van pulls up behind us. A guy comes out and trots up to our car and says, \"What\'s wrong? Do you need any help?\"
    The look he gave us when we expalined that we were listening to a radio drama was priceless.???

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    I have an extensive collection of radio plays and audio books, and also such gems as 15 consecutive hours of oriental fairy tales (was on WDR one time). I should have more than week\'s supply of read stories (and by that I mean \"My collection is longer than 170 hours\") and about half as much spoken comedy. Plus I do some comedy recordings myself.

    *cough* And yes, I have listened to everything I have in my collection, completely, some of them more than once.

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    Default radio plays : still hooked

    Reviving that old threat I can tell my love of radio plays came to stay and is still going strong. What do You listen to while painting ?

    Liked best list is:

    The Hobbit (WDR Radio play german version)

    Lord of the rings (BBC radio play)

    Gabriel Burns (german mystery audioplay series)

    Famous Five (re-release on double feature CD from old audiocassette adventures)

    What do You listen to ?
    Any recommendations ?

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    I listen to them, occasionally. Mostly when I paint, it\'s music, but there\'s one local station that actually has radio play marathons on sundays. I can\'t remember which station, off the top of my head, but I\'ll post it when I find out again. Odds are they have a live webcast. That\'s getting pretty common with radio stations.

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    I love listening to horror and mystery radio plays.

    Here\'s a website that has some old radio plays/shows:

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    I love them! It lets you use your imagination and the pictures in your head are almost always better than what is on screen.

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    I haven\'t in a long time, mostly when when we were headed out on vacation and could catch it.

    But, I wanted to chime in that if anybody was really wanting to, Sirius has a Radio Classics station (Sirius 118). At 10:30PM Eastern, \"Superman\" is currently playing. In an hour, it\'ll be \"Inner Sanctum\". Others that I\'d listen to, or think others might, are \"Twilight Zone\", \"The Lone Ranger\", and Jack Benny. I thought that they had some old Burns and Allen stuff (that\'s George Burns for those of you youngin\'s), but I can\'t find it.

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    Love them. I have a tape of the Orson Welles \'War of the Worlds\' broadcast and one I can recommend is the \'How to Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way\' audio book as it\'s done as a radio play.

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    Well to be honest the I stopped listening to BBC radio plays as they seemed to be specifically aimed at Comfortable Suburban Middle Class Conservative voters.

    I\'ve been listening to Audiobooks a lot more, long drive to and from work.
    But last weekend whikle painting I listened to Niel Gaiman narrating his own Work \"Neverwhere\".
    Absolutley Superb!
    The man was able to very clearly express the whole differing personalities that he had written with tremendous capability. He sounded at times like Alan Rickman, sometimes like Peter Capaldi. Really enjoyed it.

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    I used to listen to \"Dragnet\" when I was a Cadet at University. I had two crap shifts (9PM to 1AM, Friday and Sunday nights), and listening to the adventures of Sgt. Joe Friday got me through the worst parts of that.

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    Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy is an obvious one...


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    I used to listen to \"Mystery Theater\" (with your host E.G. Marshall) as often as it was on in my youth. Radio plays seem very sparse here now.

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    Default resurrected radio plays

    Quote Originally Posted by Hinton View Post
    I love listening to horror and mystery radio plays.

    Here\'s a website that has some old radio plays/shows:
    Greetings to You all,
    I just rediscovered this thread, Hinton's website still working, still hilarious.
    I would like to share.

    P.S. For the oldtimers here, I got my own CD-rack for audioplays.

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    christ double threadomancy!

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