Ogre Kingdoms Or Dark Elves
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    Default Ogre Kingdoms Or Dark Elves

    Ok, being looking at dwarfs, i also came upon other two armies that caught my eye, the ogre kingdoms and the dark elves.
    I am asking you if anyone knows or plays either of the armies, how good are they compared to the other armies of the old world.
    Reasons why i like the armies:

    Dark Elves

    The Warrios are cool, i also like the assassins, the executioners, and the awesome reaper bolt thrower, which i like the most, corsairs are not bad.
    Do not like witch elves that much, the riders and the cold ones. The other thing is that i cannot believe that dark elves do not have a battalion, not fair. I have no idea what is the lord for the dark elves.

    Ogre Kingdoms

    I like ironguts, leadbleachers, ogre bulls, basically everything except the little gnoblars, i cannot stand them, they look so odd to the other ogres, (did i mention that they are weak and cost 2 points). I like it because you can buy the battalion set, that\'s cool, except for the 24 gnoblars you get in there.
    Do not like their prices, they seem to be very costy and you do not get much guys, foe example 6 ogre bulls for $50, 4 ironguts for $50, 4 leadbleachers for $50. One hunter model $50. Insane. Also i am going to be outnumbered, but have heard that 1 normal ogre model can stand up against 6 other models regardless what army they come from. Is this true.

    One guy said that had ogres, their good, tough strong but not a winning army, they are more of a fun army, they die easily when magic is used on them and when cannons hit them.
    He also said, the dark elves are more of a winning army. It\'s up to you. It\'s still hard for me to decide, can you answer the questions stated above, if you are able, all the help and info much appreciated. Hopefully you could help me decide as i tend to change my mind relatively quickly. Thanks alot.

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    Default Just Pick An Army....!! Lol

    Umm ok

    Dark Elves
    1. Old Models, If you don\'t mind, thats cool
    2. No Battalion, A Battalion is an awesome way to start an army, unfortunatly there is no Battalion
    3. Like High Elves? ..If So, You will like Dark Elves
    4. I personally like to collect unpopular armies, if your like me, you will love DE!
    5. Awesome Background

    Ogre Kingdoms
    1. Shot Down really easily, not as tough as you think
    2. Rock Hard in Combat, have some awesome rules backed up with them too!
    3. A lot like O&G in the \"funny factor\" on the background and also playing the games
    4. Few Models
    5.Gnoblars are great!!! Use them, you will like them.

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    Ok cool, why do you say that they are shot easily, i have heard that dark elves die easily, have not about ogres.

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    Can you please number 3 under ogre kingdoms, more like O&Gs, and also number 1, which units die easily or do all of them die easily, and number 5 i do not like look of gnoblars they remind me of orcs which i cannot stand. Keep posting guys, the more info the better

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    Ok I dont know much about DE but I have played OK for a little bit and heres what happens.

    They are fast with multiple wounds but little armour. Other troops are a little scared of them and sometimes runaway. When they are in combat they can make a real mess, and as always good to get the charge as they have nice rules for that which make it even messier.

    They get shot up easily though mostly due to low armour so the gnoblars run ahead of them to soak up fire. Well thats one idea anyway. Ogre stronghold has a lot of info on them I dont remember the dark elf site but there is a very good one out there if someone can remember it.

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    The Druchii are my favourite army.
    1. A very manouverable army, their dark riders are fast cavalry, and they are core troops.
    2. They die easily, like all elves they have low toughness.
    3. Are easily outnumbered due to high points cost, like all elves.
    4. Because of points 2 and 3, they simply cannot handle attrition.
    5. Require a good general to make use of their subtle abilities.
    6. The ultimate monster army. They can field all sort of mean and nasty monsters.
    7. No battalion - the Dark Elves only have warriors in plastic, which I consider a bonus.
    8. Near to getting a revision, I believe. New minis, so if you want to wait for a year or so...
    9. Some of the nicest sculpts in the game. The Black Guard are often considered the best Warhammer minis. :]
    10. Some of the worst sculpts too. The hydra, mounted sorceress and cold ones come to mind. :|~

    GW have no lord or noble character models for the Dark Elves. Convert your own from a corsair, executioner, beastmaster, cold one knight, or whatever. Since I love converting, this has been anything but a drawback for me.

    The site for the Druchii is www.druchii.net. It is the site for Dark Elf players.

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    I am able to wait a year, until december this year that is, i agree with number nine, blakc sea guard and the reaper also are my favourites in the dark elves range. What about ogres, anymore opinions, more than welcomed as always.

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    Still undercided, but here is a question, if i was to choose the dark elf force what tactics could i use with these models
    Black Sea Guard,
    Reaper Bolt Thrower/s,
    As i only like this wood elf characters.
    If i was to choose dark elf force i would get
    16 Warriors,
    12 Corsairs,
    12 Black Sea Guard,
    2 Reaper Bolt Throwes,
    12 Shades
    and an armybook ofcourse.
    If i was to get them what could i do with these models, could i be able to win games without using any other ones, or are some others so essential to the game.

    In the ogre kingdoms, i would probably get the battlaion force
    6 bulls,
    4 ironguts,
    4 leadbleachers,
    24 gnoblars,
    + buy an oge tyrant for a start, with an armybook ofcourse.
    What do you think.
    More Post appreciated alot.

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    Well, I love Ogre Kingdoms. They suit my style of game play.

    You can play them as a finesse army, but they work more like a sledgehammer. They hit hard. They are pretty quick. Their magic is useful and fun, the best comparison is with Tomb Kings, in that the magic phase is relentless. Shooting however is not great.

    The gnoblars, are surpisingly useful in that it is really the only way for the army to get rank bonuses.

    If you want a bit more info, go to http://www.ogrestronghold.com/. One of the better sites for Ogre information.

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    Originally posted by Knin
    16 Warriors,
    12 Corsairs,
    12 Black Sea Guard,
    2 Reaper Bolt Throwes,
    12 Shades
    and an armybook ofcourse.
    Never mind winning games, such a list would not be legal. You\'ve got two core units, warriors and corsairs, and that will allow you only one rare unit. So it\'s two bolt throwers or the black guard. Pick one, or get more core units. Twelve shades would be best split across two units, or even better, just reducing the number of shades to five or six. The army book will give you all this, though.

    You won\'t be able to take only the minis you think are the coolest, unfortunately. A far wider selection will probably be needed if you want to be flexible. Dark riders to harass the enemy, executioners as the can-openers, witch elves slaughter normal troops and combined charges with chariots smash entire units. The black guard seems to have their best use as a speed bump - they will bog down your enemy\'s most expensive unit for the entire game, and never give way.

    The people at druchii.net can, and will, give you far better answers than I can, though.

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    just a ?. In the ogre kingdoms core troops you have bulls, ironguts, and gnoblars. I was wondering can you use all of them in a game, seeing that you get all 3 of these core troops in a battalion box i assumed you would, but that again i am not sure. Could anyone help please.

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    I have used them all in a game before.
    There was no problem with it:)

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    Bulls are going to form the Mainstay of your army, so you\'ll probably use two or three units of them.

    The ironguts make a nice unit to protect your tyrant. It\'s a bit of an all your eggs in one basket approach, but it tends to work.

    The gnoblars are useful. You can use them to screen your ogres from shooting and LOS spells, and they will give you a decent rank bonus.

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    hey hoblit, how many games have you played with your ogres, and how many didi you win.

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    I tend to win about 50% of my games. I took them to a tournament and won 3 from 5.

    If you want I can give you the army list I use.

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    that would be excellent, mostly appreciated, i will be more than happy with 3/5, great job, excellent.

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    I play OK. this is how I play them

    I use a Tyrant you need the extra leadership.
    I have units of 4 ogres so 2 units of bulls, 1 unit of IG and 1 unit of maneaters. I have 2 units of knoblars. I also have a unit of Rhinox riders (3 of em all the big terror causes). I have 3 butchers. This is about 2500pts. Ive tried the hunter and the scrap launchers and they dont work so good. I also have a unit of trappers.

    Set the knobblars on each wing and all the ogres in the middle. Use the knoblars to stand and shoot. You will lose at least t wo units of ogres to shooting and magic but the rest can mop up nearly anyone left. keep the Tyrant near the rhinox riders and give him long strider.

    I tried DE but couldnt get a good army together. If you use the cult of slanesh apparently you can get a pretty good army together.

    Hope that helps.

    BTW have a look at my album if you want to see how ogres should look :D IMHO

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    Tyrant with tenderiser, wyrdstone necklace, Heavy Armour (276 points)

    Butcher with Bangstick and dispel scroll (180 points)
    Butcher with Skullmantle and dispel scroll (175 points)

    5 Bulls + standard + lookout gnoblar (200 points)

    2 X 3 Bulls (105 points)

    5 Ironguts + standard +lookout gnoblar + warbanner (290 points)

    8 trappers (48 points)

    25 Gnoblar fighters (50 points)

    Scraplauncher (165 points)

    2 leadbelchers + bellower (120 points)

    2 Leadbelchers + bellower (120 points)

    2 Gorgers (150 points)

    2000pt list

    The tyrant goes in the ironguts, the butcher with the skullmantle goes in the unit of 5 bulls, and the other butcher roams around by himself

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    I tried DE but couldnt get a good army together. If you use the cult of slanesh apparently you can get a pretty good army together.
    Well, from what ive heard, and noticed, since ive beat almost all DE armies ive played against, DE armies are pretty hard to get functioning properly.
    Cult of slaanesh, on the other hand, is a much better choice, since the get IMHO better options (deamonic cavalry, deamons) and they get way better looking models =)

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    Originally posted by dansk

    I tried DE but couldnt get a good army together. If you use the cult of slanesh apparently you can get a pretty good army together.
    Well, from what ive heard, and noticed, since ive beat almost all DE armies ive played against, DE armies are pretty hard to get functioning properly.
    Why does this remind me of Dark Eldar too....!

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