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    Have a look at the attitude of the guy that wrote the book. Hes basically a dwarf palyer and so set a task to make low toughness very expensive troops. And he did that with no thought to actually making the DE a viable army. Theyve had 3 erratas already.

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    Ok, I play tested a lot with and against both armies:

    DE weaknesses:
    1. Over all expensive troops, that have elite profiles (all WS and Bs 4).
    2. T 3 lords and weak As (unless you play the storm of chaos army: Cult of slaanesh)!!!!!
    3. Can\'t do too much harm in CC (ok, beside cold one cavallery and chariots-the others just get killed before they can strike).

    Ogre weaknesses:
    1. More expensive troops and armies that count 30 models at the best (unless you use gnoblars, that you hate).
    2. Almost no As (4+ at the best in CC with iron fists used as shield-wich is higly unlikely, as you\'ll always use them as 2nd hand weapon and therefore prefere the 2nd hand weapon since it\'s 1 point cheaper)
    3. Really succeptible to ranged fire (they tend to start panicing after the first cannonball hits them)
    4. Really weak combat resolution (ok, they cause impact hits and have a lot of attacks, but Ws 3 and S 4 means that you won\'t hit too much and not many wound would get through As, while you\'ll always be outnumbererd and out ranked and in most cases flee from combat just after charging-unless you use the gnoblars you hate)
    5. Weak magic (you can\'t take the slaughter master unless there\'s a Tyrant in the army, wich means no heavy magic option under 3000 pts-therefore any competent tournament army will simply dispell what you manage to cast with the few power dice you get)

    I would say that DE is more flexibile and competitive army-don\'t get me wrong, you can win with ogres, and if well used they can be really powerfull, but against certain armies, that usually appear at tournaments, they suffer greatly, while DE can be arranged into something more adaptabe and fast.

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    Originally posted by Gnome
    Ok I dont know much about DE but I have played OK for a little bit and heres what happens.

    They are fast with multiple wounds but little armour. Other troops are a little scared of them and sometimes runaway. When they are in combat they can make a real mess, and as always good to get the charge as they have nice rules for that which make it even messier.

    They get shot up easily though mostly due to low armour so the gnoblars run ahead of them to soak up fire. Well thats one idea anyway. Ogre stronghold has a lot of info on them I dont remember the dark elf site but there is a very good one out there if someone can remember it.
    That\'s why you put trollguts on the unit you want to live.

    The Dark Elf site (That was responsable for a recent change in their rules several months back) is Druchii.net

    The main tactic used by pure DE is to stand back and repeating crossbow/bolt thrower/magic the enemy to death.

    The general idea I\'ve seen work with OK is to try and get in the fight quickly with your ogres, while you have gnoblars sneak up the sides, and Gorgers up the back. Keep your ogres alive by casting trollguts on them and taking out trouble units with Leadbelchers (Watched two units of these baddies take out a unit a turn against empire).

    Best bet with all armies is to read the army book.

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