I know this is a very long shot but -

In the 80\'s GW did a series of medieval actors: George & The Dragon, Man Dressed As Girl, Man Holding Mask, Lute Player etc. I think they were part of their villagers series.

I painted a set of these for a friend who is an actor but I think she had them stolen. Would very much like to get my hands on them again.

Willing to pay a fair price - or I have a pretty large collection of vintage 70/80\'s minis myself - GW, Grenadier, Ral Partha etc. Unfortunately I\'ve forgotten what a lot of them are called or who made them but if you\'re looking for something specific, I might be able to help.

Generally I\'d be interested to hear from anybody in the London area who\'s interested in trading either for old minis or some of the interesting new ones by Rackham, Confrontation etc.

(A warning though, I\'m definitely not into 40k, Warhammer, or technofantasy minis of any kind.)