ME7 has arrived! Although you still officially have a few more weeks to finish your ME6 piece, registering for the next one can now begin!!!

So now we\'re officially announcing Miniature Exchange #7 and taking on everyone who wishes to join in on the fun. If this is your first time hearing about the exchange, let me give you a bit of information.

TJeffers started this up in 2004 (cheers!) as he came to notice that he had more lead (that would be miniature) laying around in his drawers than he could possibly paint and what once might of inspired him certainly didn\'t any longer. Thus inspiration hit and he decided to see about an exchange programme.

Essentially, a group of us get together from all over the world, dig through our piles of goodies, and ship off one or two miniatures that we\'re interested in seeing SOMEONE ELSE paint while you in turn wait for a package from another individual with miniatures that you are supposed to paint as well. Its almost like Christmas with the anticipation of what you\'re going to get at times. This isn\'t a direct exchange from one person to another and back again but Sally sends to Joey and Joey sends to Ted and Ted sends to Nadia... you get the idea.

The guidelines are fairly simple and open. First and foremost, participate and have fun. The more the merry, though we understand completely if life jumps up and you are not able to participate or finish up your miniature. It happens, try and finish it up down the road if you are able.

You\'ll have fifty days with the miniature, plus the three week sign-up for the next one, so hopefully that will keep most of us together on it. This means if you haven\'t finished your last exchange minis you have three additional weeks to pull it together. Tell a friend to join in as well - new blood is always welcome! As long as everyone can follow a few simple rules;

1) You must send at least one miniature, but two IS preferable. Just in case the person hates the first one, although being mini-lovers I don\'t see how that is possible. If you wish to send more that is fine, as well as sending non-minis, but make sure the first two items are normal miniatures. YOU WILL NOT GET THESE BACK, so make sure you don\'t send anything you still want. There has been a tendency to send many more than two minis, but this is unnecessary. While there is nothing wrong with this, ME is not intended to be some sort of generosity competition.

2) All miniatures must be in a pristine, unprimed state. Absolutely NO painted minis! If the mini came primed, as the old Mithril line did, then that is fine, but otherwise the miniature should be in the same condition as the day you bought it. This doesn\'t mean it has to be in a blister, however, just not mangled in any way.

3) If you wish to participate, you must be around. Don\'t say, \"I want in\", and then disappear off the face of the Earth for a month. I\'m not saying you need to be a forum regular, but you should be checking at least this thread once a week.

4) If you do not hear from either your sender or sendee within one week of the exchange list being posted, then skip them! This works in both directions, so if your sender can\'t be contacted get in touch with the person who was to send to them. If they were able to get in touch with them, but you have not, then there is a problem and you should PM me. This has happened before.

5) You must be at least a junior member in good standing and have joined at least one month prior to joining the exchange. This sounds a bit harsh, but this is to weed out people from joining CMON just to grab some quick minis. This might seem like a waste of time on the surface, but some of us are mailing out $40+ worth of stuff, so that is a nice little haul for some disreputable person. However, if a forum regular is willing to vouch for the newbie, then that is quite acceptable. I do want new blood to be generated by these exchanges, that\'s why I added the prize.

6) You must know YOUR OWN ADDRESS! After you have written it down, have someone else in the RW double check it for you. I know this rule sounds foolish, but there are some of you that have this problem and you know who you are. :P This rule remains to the shame of the perpetrators. lol

Right, that was MarkusTay\'s introductory header (I think he ripped it from Frustrated Father), edited a bit to bring it up to date and to clarify one or two points. Mark ran the previous two miniature exchanges, but due to time being against him, he is unable to continue. Cheers, Mark!