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    Originally posted by Patrick
    What do we do with our completed mini?
    Whatever you want, they are yours now to violate in whatever way you wish.


    Posting pics of what you did choose to do with them is a nice thing to do, but not mandatory. Have fun!


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    I have just received the miniatures from BanJo... really a nice selection of GW miniatures:
    - a 40K Ork Warboss (the one with the attacking squig, really fun to paint)
    - an Uruk Hai Shaman
    - a Dark Elf Shadow Warrior.

    Now... where I have my brushes.... (CLICK)


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    Originally posted by Duende
    (I guess I won\'t mention you sent 7 minis and 6 bases! ;) )
    Eeh, I ate the seventh one.. :flip: Really, I did know there were six in it.. I can count, I think.

    Glad you like them. :)

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    I finally got the package for Talonicus sent. It went Air Letter Post.

    I was down with pneumonia for more than two weeks.

    Got my package from Gin. It contained some vintage figs including a TSR Cyclops.

    Thanks Gin.



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    Don\'t go dying on us, John. At least, not while there\'s such a thing as a miniature left to be exchanged.

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    In case you haven\'t seen the WIP IV thread I thought I\'d show the progress on the Space Wolf mini that I got from Korban. I am not too far off completing it now with only a few little details to paint and some smoothing out here and there to do. Also I am debating using the banner pole and making a banner for it as well. Anyway here he is,

    Hope you like it.

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    Don\'t go dying on us, John. At least, not while there\'s such a thing as a miniature left to be exchanged
    I\'ll do my best to give you as much advance notice as I can before dying.

    Also, If i\'m not allowed to die as long as I have minis to exchange, I should be around until about 3056.

    Thanks for your concern. :D

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    Todoco2222 - Very nice. I particularly like like green gunk coming out of the pipe.

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    @Tidoco2222: good job, I really like the bright yellow and seems you have also done a wonderful job on the shoulder pad.
    This miniature has a perfect mix between the old GW style with bright colors and the modern NMM style :)

    The base is perfect... the green slime looks a bit too gummy IMHO but fits well with the other parts.

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    @Tidoco2222 - excellent work on the Space Wolf!!! I really dig how the armor was done!

    Here is the Centaur Champion I got from Vincegamer:

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    thats a nice figure you have there
    good choice of colours

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    @Cesar got home from college friday to find some very nice models waiting for me love the dwarves especially very old school!Thanks:D

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    I\'m glad ya like em\'. The old dwarves are the best kind. ;)
    A bit of info; if you want to make a scenery, or have a larger base you want to use.
    Often rangers are a group of dwarves who have lost there keep, they travel about in search of a new home, or plan a revenge, or to re-take they\'re, keep. They are scouts as well.
    There is an article on the beastman, in beastmen section of the GW site.

    Enjoy your time home relaxing, take it easy.

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    I love what you did with her. Much better than I\'d have done.
    She\'s a pinto. cool.

    Like the weapon swap. I wasn\'t feeling that obsidian-shard filled club either.

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    Thanks Vince! For some reason the casting was really thin on the weapon haft and bent really easy. Design flaw. So I figured going to all the trouble to fix it, I may as well give her a cooler blade.

    Glad you like it. She\'s a keeper. :D

    Oh - and I had to buy $45 more of them from Fozzbozz for Vicky. :rolleyes:

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    Well, It has been a month since I have send my info to Shaetano, Still no package, should I start to worry, or what?

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    Originally posted by Gin1906
    Well, It has been a month since I have send my info to Shaetano, Still no package, should I start to worry, or what?
    Yes! We need to find you an alternate. 1 month is way to long. Can anyone step up (I acted as a proxy last time but can do it again if no one is up to it).

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    He is sending from Belgium, so I have no idea how long it should take, I just know that when I have sent over seas it has not taken this long. I am not horribly worried, most likely I won\'t find time to paint in this exchange anyhow.

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    I received my minis today from jahecker.
    Absolutely fantastic. Ill take a pic when I get time as I have no ideas as to there make names etc.

    Ill get started on them as soon as i can.


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    Hey Gin

    I sent a package to Shaetano, but no word on whether it has got there yet. I\'m also happy to step up to the plate and send another one your way.

    Just give me your details, and I\'ll pop some mini\'s in the post this weekend.

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