Hey my Nearest Gw Is gonna have a rouge trader were you have to build a 800 point army in 4 weeks.then u play off for who wins

if u win u get ur extra 800 points for free.

here is my list im useing:

Night Goblin Big Boss[70]

great axe
armour of gork

Night Goblin Shaman[145]

Mad cap mushrooms
Nobba\'s \'Elmet

10 Goblin Wolf Riders[150]

Spears Shield,Full comand

20 Night Goblin[150]

Spears,Shields,Full Comand,3 Fanatics,(Night Goblin Shaman is in this regiment)

2 Spear Chukkas[70]

12 Squig Hoppers[216]

this army is very fast(i hope) and very effective.the chukkas are for killing big core units,Wolf riders for flank and for big damage. i put the shaman in the night goblin squad because it has mad cap mushrooms for the fanatics.basically what it does insted when ur rolling 1 d6 for damage,ur rolling 2d6 for damage.