Wyrd Ramos with shooter....
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    Default Wyrd Ramos with shooter....

    Magic? Nadgers to that.

    \"Put the fackin\' money in the bag or the spider gets it!\"

    CMON link...

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    LOVE IT!!

    completly different aproach, but really nice, love those browns, specially the bag. i was really lucky to be able to have the green in my hands and i must say this paintjob makes it justice.

    great work, got my vote and comment ;)

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    very nice. whilst i like eric\'s, i prefer the cloak on yours. looks like stiff leather. cool

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    :cool: THat\'s one of the really cool things about CMON. You can get to see two widely differing interpretations of the same mini by 2 accomplished painters.

    Really nice job, Spacie :)

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    Originally posted by Spacemunkie
    Magic? Nadgers to that.

    \"Put the fackin\' money in the bag or the spider gets it!\"


    nice paint job man.

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    Temporary Sanity


    Nice job, Scott. Really like that cloak.
    James, if you haven\'t picked up any of Scott\'s bases, you might think about it. Don\'t want to sound like a groupie or anything, but I\'ve ordered scenic bases from several places, like Epicast and from Scott, and a few others, and out of all of them, his are just cleaner and better cast.

    Scott, consider doing some 25mm square wooden plank bases? like a boat decking? I got a female pirate mini that I\'m working on for my buddy\'s wife, and that\'d be perfect.

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    Originally posted by Spacemunkie
    Magic? Nadgers to that.
    Ever see the old Ralph Bakshee movie \"Wizards\"??

    If so, you will know why this made me laugh.

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    Decking bases - Good idea. I\'ll get some done when I get half a chance!

    James gets his bases hand delivered as he works in my local(ish) game store :D

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    Temporary Sanity


    Ahh lucky James :) Will look forward to seeing some deck bases. When you get half a chance :D

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    you can\'t beat groundforge bases theres one for every ocassion lol

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    Had to laugh when I saw what Scott had done to my wonderful sorcerer!

    Lovely work Scott, enjoy the heck out of the gun.

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    My God, you\'d stick a gun on your own willy if you thought it would look \'harder\' lol

    It\'s a nice take on the piece, I really like it, but what I want next is a piece that you\'ve taken ages over to see just how high you can go. That\'ll be interesting.

    Love the relective look on the gun by the way.

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    Nice love you work munkie. The spiders a nice touch.

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    Great work Scott.
    Maybe not as immediately jaw dropping as Eric\'s but just as good in its own way.

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    Very nice work Scott. Looks great on your base too! ;)

    Love the colors, the leather looks really good.

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    Beautiful work. One of my favorites of yours.

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