With the new year well on its way its time to start up another Wyrd Painting Contest. As with all the Wyrd contests this one is themed as well! Without further preambile, I\'m happy to announce the \'Wyrd Painting Contest - Femme Fatale!\'

For the seductive, irresistible and ultimately dangerous ladies. The only requirement here is that the ladies look good and are dangerous. Any weapon toting, spell wielding woman that can take your breath away, literally, will do just fine!

The contest will run from January 25th through March 5th and durning that time competition entries can be submitted. At the close of the contest, voting will commence for one week where you will be allowed to vote annonymously through the Wyrd forum software as well as leave comments and critique which we have found our previous entrants have greatly enjoyed. After the voting, announcements will be made and prizes sent to the winners, along with the random prizes that we give away with every contest.

The specific rules for the contest can be found on the Wyrd Miniatures website on the forums under \'Wyrd Painting Contest: Rules and Information\'

The categories for the contest are:

ALTERNATIVE: The lovely ladies that just don\'t seem to fit in to any other categories. This can be gun totting cowgirls, chainsaw weilding cheerleaders or any number of other miniatures that we haven\'t thought of.

DEADLY DUEL: A diorma with two or more combatants locked in combat or something equally disturbing. Atleast one miniature must be female.

FANTASY: Sword wielding barbarians, harem guards or lovely lasses ready to put a charm on you, if the miniature is pure fantasy, this is her category.

SCI-FI: Gun toting ladies of the deadly future or weapon weilding aliens dancing a song of death or perhaps a Steampunk lady of the night. A wide range of miniatures will fit nicely into this category.

SIMPLY SCANDALOUS: Ladies that have for one reason or another forgone clothing and have decided to share their charms with us. Also, with the number of talented painters in the community, ladies who\'s clothing has been painted sheer so as to see through it will be placed within here. I expect this will be a large category!

We have been quite fortunate with the number of sponsors that have chosen to provide support package for the contest. Thank you very much for your time and effort and I encourage everyone to let them know your appreciation! The contest sponsorers are, in no particular order:

Wyvern Games, Revelation Miniatures, Hasslefree Miniatures, Assassin Miniatures, Eastern Front Studios, Black Scorpion Miniatures, Corvus Belli (Infinity), Iron Wind Metals, Goodman Games, Reaper Miniatures, M.S.B. Toys, Spyglass Miniatures, Dragonblood Miniatures, Wyrd Miniatures AND we\'ve had a generous donation by someone that wishes to say annonymous who has donated the latest Reaper Dragon.

On top of the generous support packages that are being provided, several of our generous sponsorers are sending along additonal prize packages for those you entering their product, both for random participants as well as for \'Best of ..\' paint jobs. I\'ll post specifics within the day.

Pass the word and I look forward to another great Wyrd Painting Contest!