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Thread: Wyrd Painting Contest: Femme Fatale!

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    For you to have a slump you\'d have to have a high point.:innocent::innocent::innocent:

    The last couple of your minis that I saw were really good. Don\'t tell me you\'ve regressed.


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    Originally posted by LavronYor
    So, is this going to unofficially replace the Chick Challenge?
    I doubt Jason will ever entirely give up on the Chick Challenge, but I bet he will welcome a reprieve while this is going on. I\'d be surprised if he didn\'t enter this one anyway. Of course, if he wants to pass the baton, I\'m sure he could work out more sponsors for FF.

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    Originally posted by vincegamer
    Actually, I just looked at your website, and it shows the announcement as having been posted this morning, so that\'s well after I posted up there. I think you must have set up the galleries before posting the announcement and I happened to stumble on the empty gallery.

    That\'s my story and I\'m stickin to it.
    He\'s updated the announcement to add more sponsors and that\'s why the date has changed I assume. I actually saw the announcement there yesterday before Nathan posted this thread here. Not that any of this really matters... just being nitpicky! lol

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    Heh, Ritual more or less hit it on the head there. I updated the list of sponsors and it was asked that the announcement page also be updated. Went to go do that and it ended up wacking out the layout something fierce so I ended up redoing the whole thing this morning. It was up - but seriously, no biggie whatsoever.

    As for Chick Challenge, I don\'t think that can ever trully be replaced to be honest and I am certainly not trying to be an \'upstart\' and hustle my way in the door so to speak.

    The Wyrd Painting Contests are all themed, to date we\'ve had \'Total Testosterone, The Rotten Harvest, and now Femme Fatale\'. We also had the \'Wyrd Wereshark\' one that I did way back as a fun little something before deciding to turn the contest into something larger and hopefully a bit more fun.

    More themes will make appearances in the future, but there will of course be those that repeat as they are just too good to pass up (TT, FF and of course RH for Halloween). I\'m still debating a monster theme here in the future, or perhaps a Xmas one for the end of the year holiday.

    Thanks for the kind words and I am eagerly looking forward to all the entries!

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    Originally posted by Frustrated Father
    perhaps a Xmas one for the end of the year holiday.
    I think that would be fun! I would humbly suggest that you consider scheduling an Xmas one to end the painting phase by Dec 1 at the latest. A lot of people are too busy in December to paint much. Plus that way we\'d be judging and commenting while the minis were still topical and we weren\'t all sick to death of holiday decorations. :)

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    I would really enjoy a monster themed competition. :D I\'d probably skip a Christmas theme, though. I\'m not that keen on holiday themed miniatures at all. Rotten Harvest was good because it was not set up as a strictly Halloween themed competition but rather a generally \'spooky\' theme.

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    Woohoo just got me some nice ladies through so highly appropriate for this competition. Looking forward to it count me in!

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    Thanks for the comments and noted on the themes!

    While I\'m here, I\'m pleased (keep saying that, but it\'s true) to announce the addition of Magnificent Egos, Crunch Waffle and Mars Ultor to the list of supporters.


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    Originally posted by Ritual
    I would really enjoy a monster themed competition. :D
    Yes, as would I!

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    Originally posted by green stuff
    Careful tzor, the minis are submitted anonymously and must not be shown or talked about elsewhere before the end of the votes.
    Oops, guess I just disqualified myself then. Oh not to worry, I hadn\'t a snowballs chance anyway.

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    Lack of participation and a new play that goes up in February means I have no time to make an entry for you all to beat up on. ^_^

    Good luck all you crazy painters!

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    Default Well....

    I think I have an entry. The question is - am I going to get it done in time :(

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    You\'ve got more than a month, Dawn. ;)

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    Certainly not enough time for me lol

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    Originally posted by Ritual
    You\'ve got more than a month, Dawn. ;)
    Yes, but I\'ve got to pick up a brush first! lol

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    Originally posted by RedDawn
    Originally posted by Ritual
    You\'ve got more than a month, Dawn. ;)
    Yes, but I\'ve got to pick up a brush first! lol
    But that only takes a moment... :duh: lol

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    Thought I would take a moment to give an update on the prize support packages being sent in for the Femme Fatale contest. Lots of great swag!

    Also this year, we are starting up a new \'Manufacturers Award\' which has been requested in the past and we\'ll be implimenting starting with this contest. In order to cater to their fanbase some manufacturers have sent along additional product to be distributed to those that enter their miniatures into the contest and at the end of the voting, it will be determined seperately by the manufacturer and a small panel of peers the \'Best of (Manufacturer)\'. These additional prizes will be sent out to the contestants, regardless whether their entry wins in a category or not.

    As the support packages are still arriving, I will update this list as they arrive or information is made available.


    Obviously we will be supporting our own contest as well, and to that end we will be providing several copies of each of our miniature, Bishop, Baby Kade, Killjoy, Viktoria, Ramos and Pandora.

    Manufacturers Award: Should a Wyrd miniature be submitted to the contest, the \'Best of Wyrd\' will receive the next two miniatures that we will be releasing in March; Vasyl - \'Corpus Sanguinius\' and Taelor - Lady Hammerstrike.

    Wyvern Games LLC is an online store that carries a large line of miniatures and has sent along a huge selection of new and classic miniatures ranging from AD&D, Chainmail, Warzone, Void and CAV! (its a big box, I\'ll inventory it soon!)

    James from Revelation Miniatures has sent along his whole product line, multiple copies of each! The Rook, Bishop and King.



    Mick has very generously donated his entire line of miniatures as prizes for the contest, this includes his lines Fathoms Deep, Dungeon Crawl, Battle Scar and Myths of Legend!

    Manufacturers Award: The best entry of an Eastern Front Studios female will receive a master cast of their newest miniature, Korg the Half-Orc Barbarian, from their forthcoming Shadow Port RPG line.

    Black Scorpion Miniatures has sent along the complete Desolation Row of miniatures, Dwarf Noble, Seven Curses (Desire), Chef, Guntor the Axeman, Sheriff Colburn, La Chica Dulce, the Mad Hatter and Alfonso the Hired Gun. Also from his large scale range, Achilles!

    Corvus Belli has supplied ten blisters of Warcrow miniatures to be used for random prizes. For larger category winners Fernando has also sent along three Starter Boxes of thier new line: Infinity!

    Manufacturers Award: For the best Warcrow/Infinity miniature submitted for the contest, Corvus Belli has supplied one Guijia Box set as well as a Yoakongs Box set.

    Ralph Parker from IWM sent along the Monte Cook Arcana Unearthed promo pack that has nine seperate miniatures, the Ral Partha Skeleton Archers (24 pieces) as well as the Ral Partha Rock Troll Hurling Bolders.

    Joseph from Goodman Games has supplied us with a copy of Dungeon Crawl Classics #1: Idyllis of the Rat King as well as Loris Truebow, a new release from the Dungeon Crawl Classics Miniatures line.

    Reaper Miniature sent along some long time favorites: 72mm Sophie Celebrating, 72mm Sophie the Succubus, 72mm Dana Murphy of CAV and their 3000th miniature - Kyra and Lavarath.

    Sacha from MSB Toys sent along a nice selection of miniatures from their rather interesting line (several of which I need to order soon!). Totemic Pig Sharpshooter, Ogre Butcher, Rock Elemental Centuar, Fire Elemental Centuar, Frog Guard and an absolutely huge, and very cool, Sapo Resin Kit (large Frog Warrior on a raft).

    Steve sent along a couple of lovely ladies from his 54mm line from Spyglass. Anastasia: The Bride and Shae: Half-Elven.

    Eric is sending along one of his newest customizable Luthor Firebrand mages as well as The Hunter, the huge draconic dinosaur riding hunter of his!

    Privateer Press has sent along several of their popular miniatures to sweeten the pot. Epic Cygnar Warcaster Major Victoria Haley, Epic Cryx Warcaster Wraith Witch Deneghra, Ordic Pistoleer Valeria Alvaro and Alexia Ciannor from the Witchfire Trilogy.

    Magnifience Egos has decided that a contest about females deserves prizes of their females and have donated their whole line of lovely ladies; Avril Winged Elf Maiden, Bloody Rose, Isabella the Iron Maiden, Jesra the Bard, Kalysa the Weapons Master, Keiranna the Huntress, The Fire Witch Gorgon Sorcerer, Iron Heroes Archer, Iron Heroes Executioner, Daphene the Swift and Luster the Wild.

    Manufacturers Award: To the best entry of a Magnificent Ego\'s female, the entire line of females will be given. Note: this is two complete sets, one for contest prizes and another set for the Manufacturers Award!

    Dan from Crunch Waffle has generously donated their entire line, with the possibility of some future releases as well. They are: Almar Sharpent, Angel\'s Advocate, Beatric the Torturer, Garthage Droll, Kestensia the Water Wizard, Makaio, Ranger with Warclub, Subira the Zebra Centaur, Suicide Warrior, Tau the Nubian Wrestler, Toshira the Samurai and the ever popular Waggamaephs.


    Goblin Forge is sending along two each of their biggest hit yet and one that will certainly steamroll you without a thought \'Micheline Tenderness\' and her goblin \'victims\'.

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    Amazing list Nathan!!

    Your contests have always been great fun, and is becoming one of the best online contests out there.

    Well done!

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    Ten days with two weekends left until the end of the Wyrd Painting Contest: Femme Fatale. Just a heads up, and best of luck to all of those entering!

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    :duh: I\'m almost done!

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