Anyone from Bristol UK? (or there abouts)
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Thread: Anyone from Bristol UK? (or there abouts)

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    Default Anyone from Bristol UK? (or there abouts)

    I am actually posting this for my best friend, she knows I hang out here with you nutty lot!

    Here\'s the story. My best friends’ husband has been made a nice job offer, and if he takes it they would be moving to Bristol.:~(
    Wanda (my friend) wanted to know what the area is like, and specifically what are the schools like she has two children ages 5 and 10.
    So if any of you are familiar with the area, could you possibly share what ever information you can.

    Thank you

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    If they\'ve got some cash to splash, Clifton is a lovely spot. Brostol is a funny place. The Docks are lovely but some parts of the city are crappy. Some nice architecture mind. Lots of bands play there too.

    I live less than an hour away, but the last I went it was dark :D

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    Default Hi Sniffles!!! Long time no talk!

    I don\'t know how it\'s set-up in the UK, but here in the states most states/counties have websites that give all kinds of information on the schools.

    In particular, GA (although it might be nationwide) has reports that are called the School Report Cards. It\'s a listing of every school in the state along with all of their test scores, broken down by subjects and grades, how they rank within the state and against the national norms, as well as stats like how many kids are on subsidized lunches, etc.

    Also, here, the county schoolboards post the attendance areas as well so you can figure out where the attendance areas are.

    I\'d tell your friend to search the internet and see if the school systems in Bristol and the surrounding areas have anything like that. I know that\'s not as good as actually hearing from someone with first-hand knowledge, but it\'s a start. If she does get some background information then she can ask informed questions of anyone who might live in the area.

    Tell her good luck!

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    Default Anyone from Bristol UK? (or there abouts)

    Oddly enough, no. Not a soul is actually from Bristol. The closest you come is Rev there, an hour or so away. The entire (apparent) population are really just animatronic robots swiped from EuroDisney (Strangely enough, no ones noticed they\'ve gone missing yet).
    How did this happen? Well, seemingly, sometime in the \'60\'s a certain dance craze swept the area and teh entire population stomped their way straight across the country. Once the craze had passed (and being the 60\'s) none of them could quite remember the way back again. FOr several reasons (tourism, governmental representation, taxation, national security) the Queen decided it was quite important to maintain some form of presence there and the process of repopulating the area with robots was begun.

    Mind you, I\'ve never actually BEEN to Bristol, but I read about the whole thing on the Internet, so it must be true. ;)

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    Hello, my name is Wanda (Ginny\'s best friend). I have some questions, about schooling. Does anyone know what schools are good for six and ten year olds. We will be stationed in Bristol and am interested in learning both about the public schools and private schools. How much does private school usually runs? How will I get about?!? I don\'t do well with directions (just ask Ginny) so anybody a tourist gude or better yet a chauffer? You don\'t want me to be driving!! Thanks for any information. Wanda. (More questions will be forthcoming to be sure)

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    Odd you should use the term \'stationed\'. Are you with the military?

    I wouldn\'t be too concerned about the quality of British schools. And I definitely would not consider a private school. Stuff here is extremely expensive so private schools are probably ridiculously priced. IMO most, if not all, British schools are far superior to those in the States. However, bear in mind whatever grade your children are currently in they will no doubt be at least a year behind in the schools here. I\'m not British, I\'m an American who has lived here for 11 years so I speak with experience. I\'ve had friends (American) who have sent their children to British schools only to find they were way behind what was being taught here for their age. Be prepared for your child to be put back a year or be totally lost.

    Driving- You\'ll get used to it. It\'s no big deal. Are you shipping a car?

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    Hi, Gin here, Wandas Husband works in the Nuclear Indrustry, and has been offered work over there (Several companies in our area are sending people over right now)

    As to the car, nope they are going to purchase one when they arrive. Wanda is a great person, but lousy with directions, and is pretty freaked out about the thought of learning how to drive over there. lol

    Any other info you can offer about living in the UK would be great, they will be making the decision of if he is going to take the job in the next week, Wanda is trying to gather as much \"real like\" info as she can before they decide.
    and Wanda

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    I\'ve sent you a message with my email address.


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    stay away from st pauls. not a nice area. rev\'s right, clifton is nice

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