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    I built a javascript gallery a while back, but it became too cumbersome to update. Now with this Flash/XML gallery, the updates are faster and easier. I have about double the WM miniatures left to take pics of and post, but it\'s a start.

    Comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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    that\'s actually a pretty darn slick setup for a mini gallery.

    On the left it would be nice to have something a little prettier than the look of a generic windows file system, but regardless

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    I agree with Eric, that is pretty slick but maybe a better graphic look on the menu of miniatures would be even better! Nice though!

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    Sorry you 2 but I totally disagree.
    I think the folder browsing look is excellent as it makes it very easy to use.

    Unless you just mean to make fancier icons etc then I do agree.

    Im confused

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    yeah, I basically ment fancier icons, :D

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    Originally posted by EricJ
    yeah, I basically ment fancier icons, :D
    yeah, what he said....

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    The people want fancier icons!!! lol

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    Thanks for the comments. I guess I\'ll be looking at dressing it up once I finish all of the miniatures to populate it with. I know I\'m going to break-down the folders one more level because there will be so many to go through if I don\'t. Stay tuned, and thanks again for the feedback!

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