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    Default Dwarf players...

    hi all,

    Any dwarf players out there? Is there any useful hint to beat a Skaven army?

    Recently, got thrashed really bad.

    My army consists of:

    2 regiments of dwarf warriors (15 each)
    1 regiment of slayers (10 upgraded all to trollslayers)
    1 regiment of thunderers (10)
    2 cannons
    1 regiment of hammerers (15)
    1 regiment of miners (10)
    1 regiment of ironbreakers (10)
    1 gyrocopter
    1 thane
    2 runesmiths
    1 dwarf lord

    What happened was something like this:

    (1) deployed my cannon in the middle fronted by 1 regiment of warriors

    (2) my lord joined the hammerers covering my right flank

    (3) the runesmiths are : ironbreakers and the thunderers.

    (4) The slayers are on the extreme left flank before the thunderers.

    (5) The ironbreakers are covering the left flank

    (6) The gyrocopter is around the thunderers

    (7) The other regiment of the warriors are covering the left flank of the thunderers

    My game plan:

    To advance the slayers, together with the thunderers and warriors to pose a threat to my opponent\'s right flank (my left is his right).

    The gyrocopter is advanced behind the thunderers as it is used to provide flanking attack upon engagement

    The cannons bombarded the enemies.

    The hamerers advance slowly (what to expect of dwarves??!!??) on the right. Trying not to be deem a threat

    The ironbreaker holding their position.

    Miners? Well, if successful, they are suppose to weed out the skaven\'s artillery power.

    Then as the right flank met my opponent in close combat, the slayers will hold (unbreakable...), the thunderers peppering them, the warriors flanking...the gyrocopter circling around to harass their support units.

    Meanwhile, the Hamerers will advance together with the ironbreakers to produce a right hook to sweep aside all furtile resistance.

    Of course, the miners will be taking out their artillery units.

    The cannon will continue to bombard them while the right hooking units advance.

    What happened was too grisly to describe (deem R(A) for too much gory bloodshed - PS: real reason is too lazy to type it out :D).

    Anyways, what\'s wrong with this army and strategy? How can stupid silly little rodents (oops...forgot that I am a mouse...hmm...maybe should start playing skaven instead...MuHAHAHAHA) beat my mighty dwarven stooges???!!?? ???

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    Default Dwarf players?

    I personally don\'t know any dwarf players, but that would present a problem with the height of an average gaming table neh? lol

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    Default maybe this will help

    the unit size of your warriors and ironbreakers is too small. And why don\'t you try to put your general in the unit of ironbreakers? I personally don\'t move my thunderers and put my normal warriors in the middle and then on the flanks, the more powerfull units. And don\'t arm your warriors with great weapons, because you dont really need them against skaven (maybe for the characters, but not for the normal rats). I think that should help

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    Default Sorry

    Sorry, I couldn\'t resist. Sometimes the little demons in my head make me do things... horrible things....

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    are you sure it\'s just demons? ;)

    Anyway on-topic, lemme see if i can find some dwarf players and send them to this forum for you, no promises though :innocent:

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    Default Advice from....


    I think the warhammer world is in serious trouble....:D

    PS: thanx. your advice makes sense. Just kidding on the chaos thingie. thanx too tuubje.

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    your welcome

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    Try something a little different. Don\'t advance. Let your opponent advance and you do what dwarves do....defend.

    If you ahve a hill available, put your war machine on there and your troops in front, strongest in the middle.

    If you don\'t ahve a hill, put your machines in the middle and your troops in the flanks ready to swing shut on their flanks like the battle for little round top at gettysburg

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    ya . . Unit size seems to be an issue . . . knock it off pre-verts! heh

    But really, unless his units were 20 figs on average, I\'m guessing your units don\'t have much staying power come magic and missile phases . . . no? ok.

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    Default my next project could be....

    Dwarfs. They are so diffirent compared to armies that i already have.

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    Default dwarf players

    Hi there,
    I personly dont play the game tough I love to paint the dwarfs, check out the forum of

    they will help you out here =o)

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    Default How much cash do you have?

    I think you have left out a very important part of the dwarf army and that is range weapons. You have one reg of Thunderers, but really that\'s not enough. You need 2 and at least one reg of crossbows. If you are worried about the staying power of crossbowmen in hth then get a reg of rangers with crossbows. They have almost as much distance as a woodelf and they are just as accurate. You need to start picking off the large numbers of rats before they get to you and those rank bonuses cause you to break test.

    I also have to agree that you are crippleing yourself with too many small units. Especially in the slayer catagory. These guys die to easily to take in such small numbers.

    Also, there is nothing a unit of hammerers can do that a unit of old-fart long beards can\'t, except be unbreakable. But that only happens when you have the general with them. But if you give the general the rune of Kingship then ANY unit he is with is unbreakable.

    What runes are you using? You might be missing out on some valuable hits in the artillery dept. And, for just a low $50, you can have an Anvil of Doom. It\'s not very good if the enemy expects it, but if they don\'t you can really f-them up something fierce.

    But, even if you don\'t change your army set up you may still improve some. I\'d take the advice of sitting back and waiting. I would advance your army in the first turn then sit there and let the rats come to you. The advance is to get you in range of the rats and away from the table edge.

    If you can find a hill send your artillery and thunderers there. You can potentially have 2 rows of guns firing every round.

    I would leave your slayers behind another regiment until the enemy is close and they can engage in hth. Even though they are immune to psychology they are not immune to those crazy rat weapons. If they are not in sight range of artillery then they can not be shot at.

    Try to avoid letting your thunderers get in hth. I don\'t think they are as useful there. You cannot fire your gun in hth, I\'m pretty sure.

    Let me know what runes you take and I\'ll look in my book tonight for more tips.


    ps. hope this helps

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    Im a \"dwarf player\" :)
    I really enjoy playing dwarfs but im not good at all :(

    ps : Jest tu jakis Polak :) ?

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    For a moment there I thought mouse was back. He said that he\'d be back in a few months didnt he? It sounds silly, but I miss him:(

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    I have a friend who just stoped is dwarf army so he gave me a couple of unpainted figs he had, so at first i thought cool some mini to practice nmm, but once I actually lokked at the mini I realized there were all metal :o and I mean seriously there is not a inch of cloth to paint there, just the beard and .....metal. isn\'t painting an army like that boring ???

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    makes them nice and quick to paint, great for an army.
    I imagine you\'re talking about the ironbreakers anyway, they are the only ones that are all metal, most have sections of cloth and various non-metal details. I have a dwarf army sat in blisters awaiting time to paint them. I\'ve done the lord and the thunderers.

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    Default Hugs...hugs...

    Originally posted by DennisMech
    For a moment there I thought mouse was back. He said that he\'d be back in a few months didnt he? It sounds silly, but I miss him:(
    ..and i miss all you guys and gals!!!!

    Mouse scuffles around the common room of CMoN, amid the shrieks of the female occupants as he stops to peer beneath their skirts, and gave everyone a mousy hug!
    After he left the room, chaos reign!!

    Finn17: \"Hey! Who took my watch?!\"
    Chrispy: \"Where\'s my brush...i remember i left it in my pocket...\"
    DennisMech: \"Where\'s my Rackham mini??!!?\"
    Supervike: \"Who drew on my face!!\"
    Tuubje standing in a corner examining a puddle of water...curious, he dipped a finger into the puddle and tasted it.
    Tuubje: \"Hmm...this taste like rodent piss...\"
    CA: \"OKIE!! Who gave my mini a rating ONE??!!?? IT\'S A MASTERPIECE!!!...A GD WINNER!!...seriously....okie...at least a 5?? tabletop quality....pleeeaassse?\"

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    Default Mouse!!!

    Glad to see the treatment was a success:rolleyes:

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    Default treatment?

    Originally posted by finn17
    Glad to see the treatment was a success:rolleyes:
    NOW I know where i had seen that pyschotic doctor before......FINN17!!!!

    CMoN Gals: \"Who let the Mouse OUT!!??\"
    CMoN Guys: SQUEAK!! SQUEAK!!! SQUEAK!!!!

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