anybody got harbinger 25 yet?
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Thread: anybody got harbinger 25 yet?

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    Default anybody got harbinger 25 yet?

    asthe title reads..........anybody have it? the webisite says it was available on 16/1/06......i know royal mail is slow.........but this is taking the p155!

    i hate to say it but i think this magazine is going down the pan. many people are getting seroiusly ticked off by the late arrival of issues and even later release dates. :mad:

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    I haven\'t renewed my subscription since about issue 22. Has it got worse?

    It was always part of the charm. Apart from the odd occasion you had to wait three months!

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    there\'s less stuff for us painters. + we havent had the usual \" harbinger ships\" post from them. can\'t understand the way they treat their subscribers (we get the mag often 2 weeks after it\'s in whsmiths)

    seems to be the same old same old in ther at the moment. plus their photo showcase has some weid backdrops/editing

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    i agree that there should be more in the mag for us painters. and those showcase backdrops make the minis look crap

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    Nothing here yet..but then its really slow geting over here.

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    I got a copy yesterday and im not a subscriber, I just went into my local newsagents and picked up a copy.

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    Is it really worth the cost? I remember looking into it, but I thought it was too pricey.

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    It can be worth the cost, depending on your interest. It\'s a great mag for gamers of \'alternative\' games, also for those who love to look at pretty pictures of minis painted by people other than the \'Eavy Metal team.

    They changed the company handling their postage about halfway through last year, resulting in some major screw-ups, but that should\'ve been sorted out by now. I won\'t be subscribing again because of the postage issues.

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    Default Sad but true

    I\'m not renewing my subscription. There is nothing in the mag that holds my attention. Most of the articles are for gamers and not painters - so I end up just scanning quickly through and then I\'m done until the next copy.

    I have to agree with Freak - the choice of backgrounds for displaying reader minis, is appaling. They can make even a decent paintjob look crap - I realise people submit pictures with a variety of backgrounds and qualities, but even that has to be better than photoshopping around the pic doesn\'t it ???

    Plus what is it with all those lurid colours? I find it very distracting (and difficult to read sometimes) and together with all the typos, printing mistakes etc, it just isn\'t up to scratch. It always seems like a rush-job - I\'d rather have a quarterly mag of better quality. (See Cry Havoc for how to produce a quality mag!)

    I also think the quality of the minis aren\'t great - by that I mean the sculpts, not the casting.

    To end on a positive note - I do like the smell of the paper though :rolleyes: lol

    PS Sorry if this post seems a bit harsh

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    @tooshy are you kidding me?! it smells awfull :|~

    as for the backdrops, they made that summoner mini on the back cover (i think painted by tammy) look awfull. having seen it with a proper backdrop, it looks great.

    i think i will be renewing my prescription, just because i like some of the articles and it\'s nice to see a mag that represents all the other manufacturers out there. there are some great random minis that i wouldn\'t have bought if it weren\'t for the mag.

    i agree with the comment about the minis, although there are some that are really nice and i think they make up for the dubious ones

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    @tooshy are you kidding me?! it smells awfull :|~

    ....i think i will be renewing my prescription... know you love it :D Go grab a copy of Harbinger and inhale deeply :duh:

    As for renewing your prescription, I hope you feel better soon ;)

    PS Yes, I agree its useful to see what new stuff is coming out, but it\'s nothing you can\'t find by checking a few manufacturers sites...

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    I use to have a subscription when the mag was first released, but they took so darn long to get me my issues I said to heck with it. Hearing all the problems people are having I am glad I said that.

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    I have kept up with these guys from the beginning and have issues1-24. I must agree that the mail time is painfully slow. I actually read all the articles even if I don\'t play the games included. I also agree thet they must have more painting features and I wish they would start printing the articles on white backgrounds. The LSD inspred backgrounds give me headaches.
    BTW Tooshy; I thought I was the only one that sniffed book bindings. I love the smell of Harbinger as well.

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    I got a copy delivered to me, and I do not, have not ever, and will not ever, have a subscription.

    I don\'t even know how they got my address.

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    I got mine from WHSmith today.

    It seems to be focussing more on the wargames side than the actual miniatures though...

    Also anyone notice last issues cover said \"How to paint Rouge Trooper?\"
    I almost verbally killed someone in WoW for spelling Rogue wrong!!!

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    Good to know. I think that I will not pick it up.

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    They seem to have lost a lot of support. I\'ve found that the last four issues have remained pretty much unread aside from leafing through when they first arrive. The news is always a month old even when it arrives on time. A lot of the articles are repetitive, and there was a patch where gamer articles dominated with not a single painting related article. lastly the spelling galls me. I\'m no grammar Nazi and am known to make many a spelling mistake but the editing hasn\'t improved from issue 1. Whole slabs of text disappear from articles at the most inopportune moments, and making an error on the cover is amateurish.

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    one of the sculptors told me they picked up the new issue yesterday ((and had some of our new stuff in it ..giggitty giggitty giggitty :) ))so apparently its in circulation in Uk so id say soon it will be arriving here.

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    Default Some harsh words here..

    I subscribe, and will continue to subscribe, because it is the only alternative to White Dwarf.

    I look on their distribution issues as homely \'quirks\'.

    God Bless \'em and long may they continue...

    If we let Harbinger die...then we all thoroughly deserve the alternative...:D

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    quote from Finn17:

    \"If we let Harbinger die...then we all thoroughly deserve the alternative...:D\"

    id second that Finn,.. exactly aside it and Ravage what else is there?? I dont subscribe but do get the magazine Ive seen a few mags go down in the past Forge and another that was here in the Us a few years ago that was pretty good..point is like you say we let it happen and dont continue to support them its 2 cents also

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