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    Default Rackham paints.....

    So....has anyone else tried these? I bought my b/f the starter box for Christmas and they are pretty nice.

    I\'ve only tried a couple of colours and they are very matt, which I kinda like. The paint certainly covers well and I\'ve just bought some more colours to broaden the range.

    Just wondered if anyone else has tried them ???

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    I have so many VMC paints that I don\'t need more... I\'m very happy with the paints I\'ve got so I\'m going to stick to them.

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    Haven\'t tried them myself. Unlikely to either, \'cos, like Ritual, I have a huge enough investment in other paints. But here\'s the experiences of a couple of others. http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/....php?tid=11077

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    Was just thinking the same thing myself today when bouncing around rackhams store for my daily droolfest. Being in the US and not knowing anyone who sells them makes me less likely to try them also, not paying the shipping rackham charges on an order just to try some paints I already have the color for. I\'ll possibly get some to try if my favorite online retailers pick them up, but definitely not until then.

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    gought the starter kit yesterday, ordered a lot more today.

    i love these pots.

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    Default Rackham paint

    Well, like the \"old ones\" Citadel Paint set (the 20 ml ones), the differences of textures are very important. Try to compare the color density of the Syhare brown and the other leather (sorry, I don\'t know the english name).

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    they are totally crap, i tryed 2 pots of them and it was like painting with cement

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    Agree with Tony...At first was impressed that they gave fairly good coverage but after a couple of uses they just went like thick paste..They also dried with a very chalky finish shame because some very interesting colours.

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    Default Oh dear......

    Hmmm....that\'s a shame. I\'ve yet to use them in anger and considering we\'ve got 7 pots plus the starter set, I\'m really hoping I get along with them ok :(

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    Uhm.. they aren\'t that bad.. sheesh. As with any other paint they require a bit of thinning before using. It\'s just a matter of learning them.

    As with any paint.. you have to learn the qualities of the pigment. Surely if you are used to VMC, then yah.. you will have some hideous reactions at first because they are a different chemistry than the VMC stuff. It took a bit of time for me to get used to the VMC after using the Citadel range.

    With that said, I wouldn\'t say that the pigment is better or worse than other paints out there... VMC definatley isn\'t a high quality pigment..

    As with anything out there.. to each their own. If it works for you, awesome.. if not.. ah well.

    Good luck with them Tooshy.. I am still tooling around with them and checking them out. I can\'t say they suck or that they are great.. I simply haven\'t used them enough.

    In the long run tho.. a wide variety of paints (as with anything) can be a good thing.. what one paint won\'t do.. another may accomplish what you are looking for. I still use Citadel mixed with VMC, Tamiya, Gunze and Humbrol and even some testors stuff depending on what I am doing and now I\'ve added rackham into the mix.. oh yah.. I use some Windsor & Newton stuff too. Think outside the box. Don\'t limit yourself to one thing is what I say :D

    /end long winded post.

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    Hi, thanks for the info. Good to know someone else is giving them a go :D As for me, still not used them in anger, but like you I tend to use a variety of paints including Citadel (yeah those really old pots with the white pop-top lids!), Miniature Paints, Vallejo and some odd others. Like you say, you choose which paint you want to use, be it for the colour, the texture or just familiarity :)

    I will update this thread with some useful info once I\'ve done a good amount of painting with the Rackham ones.... Good luck to you too ;)

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