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    Default Doin it for the kids.

    Hello! I don\'t often post on the forums, prefering to ogle the minis instead. However, this May myself and a freind will be cycling from John o\'Groats to Lands End in aid of Childrens Hospice South West. Approx 874 miles.... gulp...:o
    For a donation i will paint up your minis.
    I\'ll let the site do the talking, so please click on the link below for more information. Thanks for reading this.
    (Many thanks to Neil Lemon for help with the site. Cheers mate.)

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    This is a good way to raise money, for something worthwhile.

    I\'ll contact you about this.

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    Good luck with it. I hope you get a lot of supportors.

    Just a question on the side. That Dwarven Cavalry figure on the poney with the lance.... who\'s producing that? Looks like fun to paint. I might wanna give that one a go, but have no clue where it\'s from.

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    Good luck mate and rather you than me - I\'m getting tired just thinking about it.
    You\'ve got some cracking stuff in your gallery and it\'s a great way to induce sponsorship money.
    I don\'t need anything painting but I\'ve PM\'d you about making a donation. Being a father, things like this are close to my heart.


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    cdukino........ Yes, the dwarf cavalryman is cool. Unfortunately he\'s a long discontinued Citadel mini. I painted him as a commission for Neil Lemon, the guy who set up the charity site for me. I would love to own a unit of those beauties.

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    hmmm... damn... why do tend to like the impossible to get (or hard to get and way to expensive)?

    *Puts dwarven cavalery on cute pony on her to sculpt list*

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    Good Luck:)
    I Hope everything goes to plan, and you raise a lot of money for your cause


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    Heres a Dwarf Lord ive done for a mate who\'s sponsored me. Thanks to those who have sent minis with donations and those who didn\'t, but sent donations anyway! Very generous indeed, cheers.

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    Thanks to the \'Dice and Dagger\' wargames club for sponsoring me on my bike ride for charity. In return i did them these two simple 40k dioramas to give away as prizes in a recent tourney they held.
    Please check out the link in my first post for details on what im doing..... Sponsor me and i will paint you a mini in return!

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    I have alot of painted mini\'s and terrain that I would\'nt mind donating to you and you could sell them and keep the proceeds. If that work\'s could you post an address I could send them to?

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    Many thanks to all those who sponsored my bike ride for Childrens Hospice South West. It will take several weeks before we get all the pledges rounded up, but it looks as though the total will be pushing £5k.
    I started cycling from John o,Groats on May 22nd and finished at Lands End on June 1st. 889 miles in total. Great experience, but not one i will be hurrying to put my saddle sore ass through again for quite some time.:moon:
    Cheers and thanks again for your kind generosity. Regards, Neill.

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    Kudos! This is great to see, good luck on the ride! If I had money to spend, I would deffinatly order a Commision, or give a donation :) All the best.

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