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Thread: fresh news with pics :)

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    Default Pictures arent working

    Am I the only who is having trouble with the pictures? its not working!

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    I can\'t see them either...
    Is there someone who saved them locally and maybe can repost them??

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    I will thrid that. I\'m getting nada.

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    looks like the links have expired, could you possibly post some new ones for us buddy?


    - Gez

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    Originally posted by albufas
    Gw really needs some lessons from forgeworld guys some new minis are worst then 3 edition
    yea i\'ve seen some in reality and they are a total crap, they are single-posed like MCragge starter kit

    ps now 16 warriors are passing from 25€ to 35 € :|~:|~:|~

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    Love the pony. The rest are ok, the rank and file a bit static, but pretty good for the price. I\'ll almost certainly get this, bulk out my dwarfs and start a new gobbo army.

    Anyone else think the trolls face looks a bit like the LOTR one?

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