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    Default Works in Progress IV

    I thought DR was going to start a new one but he didnt so I\'ll kick it off.

    As with all the WIP threads put all your WIPS here for comment blah blah.....

    Anyway here are two Dasmsel (Butchers) for my Ogre army.

    I want to mount the second one ontop of a minitor or something with a big hole in its chest as if she\'s just ripped the heart out.

    I was just wondering how people make the dripping blood or gore as I want heaps of it dripping from the heart and her arm.

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    I think primeval is your man for that sort of gore.

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    Originally posted by DrEvilmonki
    I think primeval is your man for that sort of gore.
    And on cue.....

    What I do (and I got the idea from The Artisan and his icicle method), is to use very thin bracelet wire and attach it to the miniature where the drips will be. I then use Woodland Scenics Realistic Water mixed with whatever color I need (red and some black ink for blood, olive green and a bit of black for the green blood on my latest barbarian\'s axe) and add a little water to thin it out some. It will take several layers, as the water stuff contracts as it dries (make sure the layers dry before you go putting a brush to them or you will wind up with a mess) but the nice thing is the droplet look takes care of itself as the Realistic Water runs down the wire. You may wish to give the dried result a wash or two of a dark color to get in the recesses of the Realistic Water. A few examples:

    Dripping effect one

    Dripping effect two

    Dripping effect three

    Yes, I do seem to get carried away and use this technique a bit much :D;)

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    Never thought cleavage could be so

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    OK since there is a new thread

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    That\'s a really punky, fun mini, LP. Some of your highlights need to be more blended though.

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    @Primeval I thought you were the guy to ask but my pee brain can only hold so much info. Thanks for the tip I\'ll give it a go and see how it turns our.
    @Shawn I want to paint wrinkles on them but as you say its a scary prospect

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    @ LP - cool miniature, I think NSA is right about some of the highlights, maybe a glaze will tone them down a bit. Nice work on the red and her purse is great - you have more patience than I would to do that!

    @ Ogrebane - one more thing; make sure you try to glue the tip of the wire to the bottom (not the side) of the area the drip is coming from or it will show through the blood as sticking to the side.

    Well, since someone pointed out I have nothing better to do (which I don\'t), I got some work done on the ogre - did his hair, his rings and eyes and mouth. Still unsure on the horn color but I think a brown tone will blend in with the rest of my color scheme well. Any thoughts?

    And of course I found another figure to start while layers dried on the ogre. This guy is a mess still, but he is pretty much my all-time favorite barbarian miniature, he is an old Grenadier figure from their Fantasy Warriors line. I love his pose and that facial expression, plus I am always a fan of the double-bladed axe...

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    Default I Was Waiting For This...

    ... I didnt want to start it off though....

    By The Way, Ogrebane, those Ogres of your are looking great!:)

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    I was going to close the WIPIII thread but couldn\'t from work ............and forgot about it.

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    Default DA vet im working on =D

    Well heres mini # 3 im doing a DA vet in well colours of my choosing, also the base is my first go with cobblestone effect done with a Long way to go just wanted some thoughts =D (PS hes blue tacked together and the base is for painting only wont be in final =D)
    Click for larger pics:

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    @ Tagger - I really like the purple and gold color scheme, very striking. The metallics are looking good!

    Last WIP of the ogre unless I wind up needing help on the horns. His skin is drying before I do the final highlights, and the helmet and necklace need done as well. My last miniature I went too abrupt between layers, so I tried to use more intermediate layers and blend them better, hope it shows. Oh yeah, still have to give him nipples too...

    EDIT: decided to take a pic before I started the helm to make sure the skin came out the way I want, so what the heck, here he is with the skin done:

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    Anybody else getting kind of sick of overly cartoony miniatures? Here\'s my solution... A dark and gritty Crusades themed Bretonnian army.

    Theme- Crusades
    Style- Realism (dirty, blended)
    Metallics- Real, however heavily dulled
    Method- Airbrush
    Time expectancy- 2 years
    Amount of banging my head against wall- too much

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    @Prime thanks man i was pleased the way he came out, tho the highlights dont show up as well in those pics on the robe.
    @EP lol i hera ya man on the banging the head against the wall, tho so far he looks really real...O_o =D cant wait to see more

    The sword also has a slight purple tint to it which is easier to see IRL. I have alot more shading to do on the gold (mainly the boots and gun) and the face is still a bit to white for me. Speaking of the white i wanted to add dark angels green to the banner once i start it (one for his backpack) and im not sure if adding a green with contrast to much with the theme?

    As to the horns what are you having trouble with Prime i may beable to help not so much with technique but as to what it should look like.

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    Kevin, you are just a machine...the barbarian horde just keeps coming.... :D

    LP - that mini is too funny...agree about the highlights being too sharp, especially on the boots. I\'d definitley give em a glaze to tone it down a little...she is very cute though!

    Here\'s a second shot of my latest torment...

    Still working on the fur, want to apply a wash to bring the highlights down and pull it together.... basecoated the feathers in brown, but haven\'t done more than that on the feathers yet.....


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    Originally posted by leopardpixie
    OK since there is a new thread
    Shes cute LP.. Now finish that base off :)

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    @ Grumb - that fur is great, nice and golden looking! This could be your best one yet; look forward to seeing more of it.

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    took a while to get pics that were worth showing. They are still dark, but I think that\'s because of the black parts that are all left to do.

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    well it\'s crazy resin from Forgeworld fun from me! The detail is simply too much on these guys.

    comments appreciated of course

    of course a big pic of a small piece shows a multitude of flaws........but very useful!


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    Rob...that is freaking fantastic!

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