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Thread: Which hobbyist are you?

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    Default Which hobbyist are you?

    Hi all,

    Obviously most, if not all of us here have a similar hobby. We all are \'into\' miniatures.

    There are so many aspects to this hobby, I was curious though, to know how you would \'label\' yourself?

    Painter, sculptor, gamer, artist, professional, modeller,history buff, kid at heart, photographer....etc. etc.

    I am sure many fall into several of the categories, but what comes to mind first?

    I thought of making this a poll, but I was sure I would leave off several categories I had never considered.

    I think of myself as a \'modeller\'. Dioramas with terrain features and figures are what I love the most about this hobby.

    Which kind are you?

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    Painter, modeller, and much later gamer. I suppose \"compulsive collector\" should really come in first, but... :D

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    Well, professionally, i AM a photographer, so i take lots of photos of miniatures to begin with. But i think i\'m more of a painter/gamer. i love painting the models, and i love playing, but i\'m TERRIBLE at them. i don\'t have a strategic bone in my body. As much as i like to play wargames, i suck at them....:( But i don\'t think my painting is too bad.

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    By night I am a mini painter, artist (well, published RPG cartographer anyhow) and gamer (board/card/RPG/PC). Also, definitely a kid at heart.

    By day, on the other hand, I work for a marketing agency.

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    Default Gamer

    D&D came first. Used dominoes for walls and whatever we could find for figs.

    Discovered lead minis. Found painting enjoyable. Not great, but adequite for play. (try to get better with each fig).

    Free money is always a tossup between lead or game stuff.

    I work to support my hobbies.

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    I am a gamer/painter.
    I list gamer first because I like it best. However, since I usually need an opponent for a game, I find I get to paint more than game (and not enough of either).

    Of course thinking of your original post I have to make a change. As far as \"this hobby\" is concerned I am a painter. I played Warhammer once about 9 years ago. I played D&D (et.al.) several years before that. I don\'t actually USE the minis I paint for gaming. The games I play usually have little cardboard squares with numbers and pictures on them.

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    I\'m a gamer, but i really don\'t do much miniature gaming anymore. My recent discovery of CMON has rekindled my old painting hobby, i hope to post some pics of my miniatures soon.

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    Painter. I\'m pretty good with my hands and this is about the ninth craft-based hobby I\'ve fallen into, but this one kind of \"clicks\" somehow.

    Even though I have done a fair bit of sculpting and modeling, I don\'t like bases. It\'s just personal preference and there might be a day I go apepoop and base everything in the house (Honey, why is the bathtub sitting on six tons of fimo?) but I. Just. Don\'t. Like. Them. Basing = ebay in my mind, unbased means I like it and want to keep it. Yep, I\'m totally crackers! lol

    - Otter
    \"Never send a ferret to do a weasel\'s work.\"

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    Definitely a painter, although I\'m starting to get into gaming with 100 Kingdoms (down with Warhammer!! :innocent: )

    I\'ve played two games so far with my wife, and got pounded both times (she\'s never played before either). So uh.. yeah. Painter. Definitely a painter. :P

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    Default Painter

    I paint, that\'s really all I do. A little modeling in the interests of conversions, a little sculpting when I feel like dabbling, but I\'m not very good at that. An Imperial Guard Sentinel would be a BIG project for me (though I\'m currently tempted, I\'ve been on a bit of a Guard kick lately), a Land Raider or Hammerhead would never get finished. Things like mold line cleanup, base construction and so on just seem like annoying delays to painting!

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    Default Painter/Collector here

    I mostly paint, but I also enjoy the hoarding of little pewter/plastic/lead people. (Yeah, I know, my analist sez I shoudln\'t refer to them as \"people\", but, What does she know?).

    Although, I collect only what I paint (never have and never will collect minis painted by others).

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    Default Uh, do I fit into any?

    I collect/paint/game. in that order. I collect unpainted figs and kits, slowly paint them ie. I bought the first land raider through the door at the games shop I worked at (I should know, I checked them in!!) and it\'s STILL unfinished :o???:duh:. After I finally get something done, I try to game with it. that means that I play 40k about twice a year.:bouncy:


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    I\'m an RPG\'er first, then a painter, then a collector. One of these days I\'d like to play a war game or a skirmish game too.

    I guess the collector part was more accidental than by design. But everything I\'ve collected will be painted.. someday... If I tell that to myself every day it\'ll be true right? :innocent:

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    gamer first, then painter, then collector

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    Yes would be my answer.

    It\'s complicated but I got into minitures by gaming first (Heroquest) and then painting (Also Heroquest). Now I paint all the time and there\'s no one to play with, as you\'ve heard me many times say. As for collecting, I get buy minis I really like most of the times without a common theme, but Mid-Nor dwarves are another story. Even though I haven\'t even started priming them, I must have them all for some reason!!

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    Miniatures Enthusiast / Toy Soldier Collector.

    I like to think that I know more about who is making what than nearly anybody. Col. Marlbles may know more than me and others yet to be named. But I don\'t collect alot more than knowledge. I find looking at the pieces to be fascinating. I currently have less than 200 pieces in my collection. I do paint, convert, sculpt, etc. and I have played, but primarily I just know who has what. If you are looking for anything in particular just ask, I probably know who is making it. No promises though.

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    Dragon Snack

    Default Gamer

    Gamer first, then painter.

    Looking to be a professional, but I would always be a gamer first. I would LOVE to be a sculptor, alas my artistic skills are sub-par.

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    I started off gaming, and now have 4 large armies for 40k and 4 for warhammer. I now see myself primarily as a painter. I still game on a regular basis, and enter Grand Tourneys, but I now find it more difficult to get large armies done because of the standard I want to paint each model to.
    I think my current army will be the last, and then I\'ll just do display pieces. I think I\'ll still game with the armies I have though

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    I\'m definitely a painter/collector first, or am I definitely a collector/painter ... seem to have way more then I will every be able to paint, but that because I\'m also a gamer ... once I hit a certain level with a particular \'army\', I suddenly need at least one of each unit and anything to make it battle worthy.

    So that\'s painter/collector, then gamer...... and last, a little converting/modelling, can\'t really sculpt though.

    Darkblade :cool:

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    I\'m a Gamer first, mostly RPG\'s. From thier I got into painting, which has slowly taken over more and more of my hobbie time :D

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