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Thread: Which hobbyist are you?

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    I would say I qualify as \"obsessive/compulsive painter & miniature accumulator\" :rolleyes: I end up with waaaay too many minis, too many paints, too many cases... you name it. I think I have a game store boxed away in my garage.

    I have the most fun painting faces & skin, and I have more minis than I know what to do with that have the faces done and nothing else, heh.

    (btw, this is my first post - CMON rocks! - so take it easy on me!)

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    Painter/collector (as in collects stuff I hope to paint but most likely never will get to)/gamer in need of mature fun opponents -not un-heigenic knife wielding psychotics . . . (heh - that was for you Otter!) . . lol

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    yop... but not that good at it. ;) trying to improve all the time though...

    definitely not... i can stuff holes mith modelling putty, not more. unfortunatley, i must say.

    yop. that\'s me, i think. i always try to field good looking armies, that\'s why i try to improve my painting skills. i love WHFB and confro, play WHFB on tourneys as often as i have the chance to do so. play at home at least twice a week and field my armies dark elves, tomb kings and chaos tzeentch and nurgle. want to get chaosdwarfs or the new beasts of chaos as my 4rth army.
    for 40k i have dark angels, orcs and tyranids at home, but i only play second edition 40k, so seldomly play these days.
    my confro army are the dirz and i will get the undead of acheron too, as it seems.
    and then... gamer.... ps2 stuff, rpg\'s (mage/in nomine/whfb rpg), board games, frag(!)...

    somehow... i love to build miniature-related website\'s... if that counts...

    i manage the painting studio headblast designz, so i have to do all the organizing and stuff... is that professional? dunno...

    short one... no!

    History buff

    Kid at heart
    definitely! one of my biggest problems! ;)

    no... i do neither own a digicam, nor am i able to handle one... i hope this will change when i get a cam some day, but as i still haven\'t decided which one to buy...
    maybe a nikon coolpix... dunno too...

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    Hmmm - started as a gamer/history buff and found it cheaper to paint my own than buy painted ones. lol

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    I\'d have to say that I\'m primarily a very enthusiastic painter of fantasy miniatures. I really tried to get into the whole war gaming thing but just could\'nt enjoy it. My headspace is one big miniature fantasy land which makes things challenging as I\'m in my second year of a university degree. Till next time...

    Play hard & paint hard

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    Default International Playboy, Space Cowboy and Gangster of...

    Oh, wait this is the Which hobbyist discussion. I am obviously a sculpter first. Painter second. Gamer third. Artist always, but then so are most of us here on this site :D

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    Hmmm, I would say Painter wannabe artist, Gamer, Sculpter (yeah right)

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    Well, I\'m certainly a painter. I also consider myself to be an artist and a professional when it comes to painting minis.


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    modeller and painter (although both are poor). also trying my hand at some sculpiting but i suck at that, oh well, practice makes perfect, i hope.

    would like to game but have no one to game with (sob)

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    Originally posted by freakinacagewould like to game but have no one to game with (sob)
    Join the club! Don\'t fancy GW gaming nights either.


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    Default in terms of this hobby...

    I am a painter first. I find it relaxing. The only stressful part about it is when I drop the damn things. (which I do too often).

    I am also a collector. I have a hard time saying no to the local dopemen.

    I like to think I\'m an artist too, but not with the minis. Sometimes my minis will inspire me to draw a picture of a fight or a battle that I cannot realize fully in mini form. Or it might inspire a short story. Currently I have the blueprint for a fantastic diorama that will involve hundreds of dollars worth of hobby equipment I don\'t yet have.

    Am I a scupltor? I sculpted a rock out of green stuff. I fancy myself as a future sculptor. Meaning, right now I suck, but I have high hopes.

    Gamer? no. My father got me into all of this crap because he was a gamer. He\'s always been into complex games like Risk or Axis and Allies. The bigger the game the better. He e wanted us to PLAY warhammer. Every now and then he\'ll ask me if I\'m ready to play a game and I\'ll laugh. lol But he left it up to me to build the armies for this thing and now I\'m down about $700.00 with no full army to show.???


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    Mystic Models

    Default Sculptors & Painters ...a good match!

    Originally posted by Sturmhalo
    Well, I\'m certainly a painter. I also consider myself to be an artist and a professional when it comes to painting minis.

    >..and good relationship!

    With no guys like my Joe,or guys like you,where would we be?

    Sculptors and Painters are at their best when they work togehter I think!

    I`m a painter,but not very good.

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    Procrastinator/Painter. I love the stress relief, and the whole scene seems so cutting edge--I\'m trippin\' just lurking around here. However, I have a rare form of figmentia; I often stare at primed minis for hours at a clip, shaking paint pots, playing with gravel, and saying \"yes... this will be the greatest of my works...\" Then I continue to space out, admiring the little metal hypnotist. Sometimes I really paint, but the inconsistency makes progress painfully slow. My wife demands testing, but what does a doctor know about figmentia? I no longer game, even though I sometimes get the urge, and my fear of sculpting leaves me feeling as queasy as skydiving. Artist? Not yet, but I\'m hoping this massive collection of artists inspires me sooner or later... :)

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    Big Mean Elf

    Default Games...who needs ~em?

    Dudes,what the F is a \"GAME\"?!
    I used to \"Play\"
    I just had to ruin it with doing art fart stuff,I think I played 40K like 5 months ago.....and won with me Dark Eldar.....

    I win when I play...most of the time,but where I live Boo Dunks only like to chase azz and drink ....

    This stuff is grounds fer be`n a comunist or devil worshipper where I live,but once a year or so I get to Glyn Burnie and \"Play\" with GW staff.

    So I reckon I`m a working artist....type of gamer.



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    Join the club! Don\'t fancy GW gaming nights either. Said Sturmhalo.
    I quite understand, going back a forum or two OTTER put the concept in a nutshell with her description of the gaming community. GW gaming nights can be a collection of Body Odours & Halitosis combinations.

    As I\'m primarily a painter I still turn up on the occasional Thursday to mooch around the store, buy paint, try to learn about WFB and chin wagg with a couple of sensible types. .(Sensible types + Gamers = Oxymoron)
    Yes I too game. 40K primarily, interested in WFB and Inquisitor. I would have really liked to play D&D more but the players seem to act either as an underground or as a very exclusive club disliking new players. (or perhaps it\'s my accent -- I\'m a Geordie in Exile)

    However ther are still ways & means to get a decent game, with reasonable people.

    As an aside did you realise that we have been officially labelled as a counter culture in Sociology classes. (My neice is working towards her Masters degree and took great delight in ribbing me about that one..)

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    Default Whitemetal Hypnosis

    Astrolabe, I\'m glad to see I\'m not the only one who just stares at them sometimes.

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    Just call me a gaintulptortist. = parts gamer, sculptor, painter, artist. Of course being a kid at heart I look at as a prereq.. for the former.

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    I\'m a VERY slow painter, would love to game, but can\'t find good opponents, and a total butterfly (which means I can\'t stick to one army, at one point I had half painted armies for ALL the 40k armies!).

    But it looks like what I really am is a modeller and specifically terrain maker. Unfortunately as I\'m so slow at painting I tend to make loads of models and never finish them.

    Oh well :)

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    Default Quoting Dragonsreach...

    [quote]Originally posted by Dragonsreach
    As an aside did you realise that we have been officially labelled as a counter culture in Sociology classes. (My neice is working towards her Masters degree and took great delight in ribbing me about that one..)
    That\'s amazing! We actually exist as a counter culture! Saying that though, I never game and paint as it\'s my job. I no longer have a hobby :|~

    I came into painting through playing, but that was when I was about 15yrs old and I\'m now 26yrs old. I had a big break in the middle (many years) and decided to paint again as a stress reliever when I was ill...BUT I\'M BETTER NOW EVERYBODY!

    Still get a hankering to do some roleplay and play some Blood Bowl, but it\'s a case of getting my bosses at Stone Circle Games to organise something (you\'ve got to see their spare room/office - it\'s totally chocka with all sorts of rules systems and books!


    Anyone for Mass?

    Rev :innocent:

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    Default What comes to mind?

    Now this is an interesting question.... in descending order I think I\'d be first of a....

    I am an avid fan of roleplaying games. Have been playing computer games for years..... it was only in the last five or so years that I got into playing pen and paper RPGs.....

    naturally minis are real useful when it comes to pnp... especially when you want to establish the location of players who claim to be everywhere all at once....:D

    actually I am working with a PC game developer.... its a small company so I am the gal that does pretty much everything except programming.... heh.....

    However, I am also the co-founder of www.alignmentgames.com .... its a new company that currently has gaming products under development, and the webby is still under construction.....

    I luv painting and collecting minis, er... but with only 2 years of sporadic experience... I am jus a so-so painter

    History Buff
    I like mostly medieval and ancient history.... its useful background to knowing what something should look like....

    er.... I\'ve possibly got the least amount of artistic talent in my own family...... I dabble in a bit of watercolour and a bit of sketchin and a bit of modelling / sculpting now and then, but really... anyone who wants a really good lookin piece of art should ask me dad or sis. I\'m kinda the writer in the family....

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