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    Default Satans poodle

    A friend of mine writes this site. check it out, but make sure to read from the beginning.

    satan\'s poodle

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    Mad Dog...Mad Dog..

    My sisters poodel does that to toys too.. shreads them to bits.

    Evil little dog:mad:

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    A friend of mines brother decided that he was now \"to old\" for teddies and threw them all in the fire...
    A bit sad really...
    But funny lol

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    Of all the french poodles we\'ve had, not one has lowered itself to such barbaric behaviour. Teddies and fluffy toys were far more likely to get raped than mauled. :D

    My irish setter, though... the current elephant lost its ears not too long after its tail.

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    dog spelled backwards is god.
    Maybe it is the spawn of satan.

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    The Lahsa-Poo we have loves his tiger plush. He shakes it to \'kill\' it. Then brings it to me so I can throw it across the room for him.


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    i see that puppy and raise you mine

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    Er, those eyes, that\'s just because of the flash, right? :o ;)

    Talking of poodles, do you know this one?

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    Tacos..........OF DOOOOM!!!!!:flame:

    one time my dog actually did eat my homework, well part of it, the rest it just ripped up, i taped the ripped up parts back together, and took it in and the teacher could read enough of it to know i actually did the assignment, so i got a C. my dog did all kinds of stuff like that the first two or three years we had her, she even chewed through the power cord for my old nintendo 64, good thing it wasnt plugged in...... but she hasent done anything like that for probably about the last 6 years, shes just lazy now....

    P.S. if you\'re wondering my dog is a pomeranian (sp?)

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