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    Can anyone suggest cheap(ish) good camera for general use and mini pic taking?

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    Not sure if they are classed as cheap(ish), but the coolpix ones are pretty fab :)

    Untill you get gunk on the lens, that is ;)

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    I asked the same in this topic Trevor:

    I hope it helps you. I finally bought the Panasonic FZ 20 and for me it´s a really good camera, my last photo is done with it ( )


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    Yeah, the new Panasonic FZ30 is a little ripper too. Should be around £350-400. Not cheap, but it\'s the closest you\'ll get to a D-SLR.

    If you want a cheap(ish) proper camera, get a Canon 350D. Badgers nadgers.

    @Nano: Such a stunning piece of work. Blows my mind every time I see it....:)

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    I\'ve just bought a Nikon Coolpix 7600 within the last few days. Cost me 250.00 US, which ain\'t shabby for a 7.1MP jobbie. Great macro mode too, which is something my camera (Canon Powershot A40) was a little lacking on (it had one, but the focal range was maybe 6 inches. The Nikon seems to be around the 1 inch range).

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    i think mine is an HP photosmart r507. it\'s £80 and has a super macro which is superb. it\'s not a proper manual camera but seems to have enough settings to cover what i need. this photo was taken with it:

    as you can see - no fancy lighting or light tent but the zoom rocks (i wouldn\'t take a final pic in this way). bear in mind photobucket has limited the size.

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    I use a cannon powershot A75. They take a good pic and have plenty of manual function (Still trying to work them out) The camera cost about $400 Oz. I bought mine with fly by points.

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