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    Default Professor Ramos

    Here\'s my version of Wyrd Miniatures\' Professor Ramos!

    Voting link

    I love this sculpt made by Ergman! The base is from Groundforge. I thought it suited the mini perfectly. I imagined the setting being a partially explored tunnel and Ramos is standing at the edge where the floor decking ends and the unexplored tunnel continues forward to who knows where. Ramos\'s trustworthy little spider bot takes the lead and steps into uncharted territory. :)

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    Beautful. Good light and color scheme.

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    Nice paint job. I gave it a 9

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    Man, that spider bot reminds me way too much of the \"poison headcrabs\" in Half Life 2. But if you say he is \"trusty\"...

    Amazing work. I\'d say this is as good as you know who\'s original version ;) but in a less flashy way. I like the earth tones.

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    Yeah, understated and beautifully done.

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    Beautiful paint, Ritual...and very atmospheric, hope that spider watches it\'s steps carefully.:)

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    I commented over at Wyrd too but this is just terrific. I love the colors and lighting.

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    Wouldnt he look great with a cigar in his mouth lighting it with those flames ;)


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    Cheers, everyone! :)

    That\'s a pretty good idea with the cigar, Peter! I do have another one of these at home... :]

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    like it more than original (10 for both lollol, but for me this is 10.1 lol)

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    Very nice Mr. Ritual.

    You are da bomb, as my kids say.:cool:

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    Can only pipe in and express my pleasure at this paint job as well.

    Do like that idea of a cigar being lit though - that\'s rather humorous - might have to get that done!

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    Default All I can add is... awe-filled \"me, too\" to all of the previous comments.

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    superb and one of the best examples of osl i have seen. beautiful and smooth as ever

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    Originally posted by Avicenna

    Wouldnt he look great with a cigar in his mouth lighting it with those flames ;)

    What a great idea Peter!

    Voted on it as well Anders. I love the tones of it.

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    It\'s flipping great!

    I mark quite a few models down because care and attention hasn\'t been applied to the base, but with yours I marked it up and gave a 10 instead of a solid 9 because the base looks to be even better painted than the miniature! For me the base totally brings out the OSL on the model and accentuates it. The green tones in the coat are sweet too.

    I\'m about to paint an Ork on quite a fancy base and am tempted to have a go at some OSL myself. I could do with your advice if you don\'t mind. Do you find it easier to paint the base and miniature at the same time and work out where light and dark should go at once, the base first and let that lead the painting on the model or the model first and let that lead the painting on the base?


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    Thanks everyone! :)

    I\'m sure different painters prefer different approaches to an extensive OSL project, such as this one. This is also the first time I\'ve done OSL to this extent, so my only experience in this matter comes from painting this. What I did was paint Ramos first, not attached to the base. I did all the OSL on him simply by line of sight estimations of where to put reflections. When the mini was done I prepared and base coated the base. I drilled a hole for the mini and put the mini on the base (not gluing it, though). I then made a rough estimation on where all the relflections on the base would be, removed the mini and painted the base reflections. I then glued the mini to the base and did some corrections and then painted the shadow cast by Ramos. Then I decided how to place the spider on the base and base coated it. When I came to painting the reflections I glued it to the base so that I knew for sure the reflections wouldn\'t be placed incorrectly. Finally I painted the shadows cast by the spider by line of sight estimations. Hope this helps! Don\'t hesitate to ask if there\'s something else you want to know.

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    Ok, wow. This is one of the coolest paint jobs I\'ve seen in a while. I LOVE the metal on the robot spider and the steel on the base looks so real. The wood, don\'t even get me started (brilliant). The OSL and the shadows from the spider, nice. Will you sell it? Please?

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