Enough talk about snipeing.. show how do you vote?
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Thread: Enough talk about snipeing.. show how do you vote?

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    Default Enough talk about snipeing.. show how do you vote?

    No I Don\'t mean how do you do it..I know that already..I mean why do you give the scores your do. Im sure its been brought up befor but so has snipeing. So my question is, why do you give the scores that you do? What makes you tick!

    For myself I have to admit I don\'t vote on everything, I vote when I have time and I vote on things I feel the score will be worth while. What I mean by this is I won\'t vote on incomplete miniatures, WIP\'s don\'t get a vote from me. They are not finished and in my opinion dont deserve one. Especially people who post countless WIP\'s and never finish a miniature. Really bad out of focus pictures don\'t get a vote either. I don\'t want to low ball a good figure just because I can\'t see it.

    Now as for figures that I do vote on, I try to use a fair system like that is described but I also like to include what I feel is the \"Cool\" factor.. what this site in my opinion is suppose to be about. So a average figure with a score of 7 might geta 8 from me only because I might think its a neat conversion or a clever presentation. On the otherhand a figure which is nothing more than another textbook example of NMM or some other technique. So if its what I consider boreing..its dropping a point. Figures with no ground work, which in all honesty border on unfinished lose a point to for just being that.. so the best painte figure in the world is only going to score a 9 because as far as Im concerned its not finished. To me its all about the total package or presentation. It should tell a story of some sort and a kick butt mini on a black slotta base just isnt doing it for me.

    So why do you vote the way you do?

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    Basically it is the first number that comes into my Head.
    Then if it is to low (compared to the \'already\' score) i will up it a little bit.

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    Generally when i vote I like to actually read what it was like. I think if the painter can tell me what they think they did well and what they want to improve then I can also take that into account and it will usually raise the score. Plain bases will always drop points unless there is a note saying that the commission requires it. Pretty much, if it is painted it gets a five per the scoring sheet. Exceptions include things that actually look far worse in paint than just bare metal. Conversions don\'t count for much to me. Personally, nurgle don\'t score well either - I normally don\'t think they are cool. A well painted mini without something really impressive (scrollwork, lighting effects, or the best highlight/shading known to man) will never score above an 8.

    Of course, these rules are about as hard and fast as jello. It isn\'t that important.

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    I\'m very fickle when it comes to voting....I tend to vote higher than the norm, and I am also very generous with my 10\'s.

    I honestly vote on a COOL factor. Not a technically perfect factor.

    The cooler the mini, the higher the vote. Minis with tons of character or minis that tell a story are what I consider very cool.

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    If I look at a mini and say OMFG then I vote a ten other wise I start at 5 and work up or down.

    ie does it have 3 colors and base done 5
    is it converted 6
    basic shading and H/L 6 -7
    I rarely vote lower than 5 it has to be pretty bad to get a 4 or a 3 but if itsd called another mini I subtract a vote. If they dont care about therre mini I dont either. If they have a good write up +1 if they are new or young +1 If they are cute +1 If I know them from the forums +/- 1

    You get an 8 for advanced techs like smooth blendings etc 9s are the same but with some free hand. A ten has to have conversion painting freehand great base etc. I might give out 1 a month but never more than 3.

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    If I look at a miniature and instantly go \'wow\' then it gets a 10 too.

    If its not neat or the paint is thick it loses a lot of points.
    I don\'t remember the last time I voted under 5.

    Basically it doesnt matter what techniques are used, it doesnt need to have freehand or nmm for me to score high. As long as the techniques used look nice and suit the style, its all good :)

    I have a soft spot pastels and girly colours and painting styles that you don\'t see often.

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    It\'s difficult to explain my voting habits. Mostly an arbitrary and instinctive thing, as I imagine it is with most people, but there are some key factors that will adjust a score:

    Extra point for creativity, even if it\'s poorly executed. Sometimes many extra points if it\'s an especially good idea.

    Bad base work deducts a point (or more, if it\'s REALLY bad).

    I try to see past bad photography, but most of the time you can\'t help it. Lose points for poor images.

    Extra point for old figures that trigger my nostalgia (IE, old Citadel or Talisman stuff, especially if I\'ve never seen it painted well before).

    I used to be pretty stingy about tens, but with the rampant inconsistency here, I tend now to give out tens simply if I think you\'re under rated. I don\'t think I have ever given a one to any mini that wasn\'t already rated four or lower.

    Advanced techniques that are done poorly can be worse than not trying them at all. For example, shaky or forced freehand designs can ruin a mini, and I\'ll deduct points for that. I don\'t deduct points if you simply didn\'t use any advanced techniques; but if they\'re there, then how well they\'re done is going to impact the score.

    I rarely read who posted the image, and I rarely care who the manufacturer is (unless I happen to think, \"hey, I want that figure\").

    All of this happens really fast, though. I don\'t go by a checklist; lots of it is gut instinct and what about the mini strikes me first.


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    I consider a 5 to be three colors, based, with good brush control/smooth/no loss of detail. Basically, table-top quality.

    10\'s are the models that I feel are on par with gold trophy winners.

    9\'s are the models that I feel are on par with silver/bronze winners.

    8\'s are the exceptional work, but are just missing that \"something\".

    7\'s are a well-executed demonstration of technique.

    6\'s are the table top models that were dry-brushed/layered very well.

    4\'s are the table top models that demonstrate a loss of detail from the paint.

    3\'s are the models that are just sloppy.

    2\'s and 1\'s are more rare than 9\'s, 10\'s----these are the models that are unfinished----that sort of thing.

    I just try to keep in mind a rough standard deviation of sorts---with a little skewing. Most average folks can paint a 5 mini by just taking some extra care with a brush. So, I just consider 90% of the minis will fall between a 4 and an 8.

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    Default The Written Code of Rateings, By Cesar

    What a zinger :idea:.

    The greater portion of my vote is dependant on techniques and skill.

    If a mini is quite wicked in some way, i tend to vote a little higher, say if i was thinking 8.5, the mini would get a 9, rather then an 8.

    Please tell me if im off the mark, or unfair.
    This is how i decide on a rated vote.

    5- Miniature is painted with at least 3 colours. The painter stays in between the lines (figureatively speaking), and is on a base; which is at least painted green (if not, a little disfavor in the vote).

    6 - Everything as required in a 5. Requires some techniques attempted (not all), drybrushing, blendings, free hand work, shading, washes.

    7- techniques preformed well, miniature is attractive overall. Visually greater, with a critical eye, then a 6.

    8 - Beautiful work, or wicked work. Techniques used are worked with noticeable skill, Advanced techniques used. Lighing effects, blending, glazing.

    9 - Minitature is outstanding. A variety of techniques are used. The miniature has no visable flaws which cannot be excuseable. (excuseable being colours that may not nessisarily compliment one another, but add to the chracter of the miniature, or affect it in some other intended way). 9 means a great peice.

    10. Awesome and Outstanding. Pushing the envelope. Painter may be abnormal.

    Another reason i voted this way, is because (i am fairly certain), i had read on the site, that a rateing fo 10 depicts excellence. Excel, which means to me getting ahead, while produceing a compedative figure.

    The higher the skill needed for the peice, the harder I feel I must critique. I do not want to have voted wrongly against someone because of bias, and knowing that every artist who is posting on here, if putting there skill to the test. The higher grades are all the more rewarding, if a strict code is followed. This also makes it easier for start ups, to understand exactly where they stand, and what is needed to produce a higher grade.

    Some people do spend alot of time in this community, and there development is linked with this site. It may hurt a painters confidence, to see a miniature which requres lesser skill then theres, which lets say is a 4 overtake there miniature which i would vote as a 6.
    It may confuse both submiters and lessen the value of a vote, and miniature.
    Lots to consider, i dont vote as often as i might.

    Brownie points may tip scales.

    Great bases,
    wicked... and beautiful minis
    I\'m not biased to people.
    If my buddys rateing is lower then i think it should be, i may vote a little higher. Or any mini i figure deserves more justice. Which may be terrible???

    I assume most people rate in a similar way?

    A proposition, if you will. I hear alot about snipeing. Maybe, if our system would be set up, to allow people only to vote withing 2 points higher, or lower then the average vote a miniature, we could reduce the problem of snipeing. I dont think it is realistic that people will be voting on a mini all over the scale, anyhow.

    Please excuse my sloppyness. I\'m very anxious to hear wether or not iv\'e done justice in my rateing, and am excited to hear what other people are sayin\'.
    Been waiting to see when this post would come around, in my time. :)

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    This topic has been done before.

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    If the mini can\'t be seen properly (bad lighting, out of focus), I don\'t vote.

    As long as the mini holds tabletop quality, it gets a five.

    After that it\'s basically just gut feeling. I try to stay away from judging the mini (as in, space marines automatically score lower and Rackham automatically higher), try only to judge the paint.

    I do look at the techniques being used along with the quality of execution, but do not use a checklist of techniques etc to vote, I rather view the mini as a whole.

    And yes, I too am rather generous with tens.

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    This is the way I vote. If the picture is really blurry or has bad lighting I won\'t vote on it because I can\'t tell what I\'m looking at. I NEVER vote on anything titled \"Another Mini\" (no matter what language it\'s in). It\'s not rocket science to use the name of the figure if you can\'t think of anything else to call it. I don\'t vote on WIPs either-although if I like the WIP I\'ll keep an eye out for it and vote on it when it\'s actually finished. I also don\'t vote on anything that isn\'t based. Uh and I have to confess that lately I don\'t even look at the GW figures-it\'s not that I hate GW or anything it\'s just that there are so many of them posted and I can only look at so many space marines before my eyes glaze over. Plus I figure that GW has such a strong following that those mini\'s will get their 50+ votes in no time.

    I\'ve never voted anything 3 or below. I figure the attempt and the courage to post something here is at least worth a 4 or 5. Pretty much I go by the GW standards-3 different colors (or 3 different shades of a color) and some basing will qualify as tabletop. If the paint is on the thick side it gets a 4 and if it\'s basically alright but doesn\'t have things like major highlights etc it gets the 5.

    I\'ll vote a 6 on minis that are basically well done tabletop-meaning that the eyes look pretty good and there are decent highlights and color selection.

    To get a 7 vote the mini needs to have something beyond tabletop-a little conversion work or some advanced techniques (like NMM or SENMM for example). The basing is a little better than average as well (average being some flocked grass on a slotta base).

    I\'ll vote an 8 on things that are technically very good-some conversion work, more involved basing (built up rocks, realistic water or snow-that sort of thing) and exceptional highlighting. There will be some minor flaws that hold it back from a 9, for example, something being slightly out of scale or some rough blending etc.

    Mini\'s that get 9 votes from me have met all the criteria for an 8 vote (minus the minor flaws) and will have some orginality to it. Examples would be some freehand work on the clothing or some tattoos. Pretty much everything has come together for this mini-it\'s color scheme, it\'s basing, the techniques used and it really just stands out from the crowd.

    I don\'t give out a lot of 10\'s. Something has to be really REALLY spectacular to get a 10 vote. For example the mini and it\'s basing tells a story-doesn\'t have to be a dioramma though-even a single figure on a base can tell a story. It\'s technically flawless down to it\'s tiny highlights on the figure\'s eyes. It\'s got well done lighting effects or freehand on it and the base is a work of art in and of itself.

    I\'ve never sniped anyone. If I do think a mini is being sniped I will vote higher than I normally would to try and offset it. Also if I think a mini is getting inflated votes (blurry pictures and no discernable highlights getting an 8 or above for an example) I\'ll vote a bit lower to try and balance it out to where it should be.

    I apply this to my minis before I post them and usually they score about where I think they\'ll score-usually 6\'s to low 7\'s so it seems to work pretty well.

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    Originally posted by Zordana
    If I look at a miniature and instantly go \'wow\' then it gets a 10 too.

    If its not neat or the paint is thick it loses a lot of points.
    I don\'t remember the last time I voted under 5.

    Basically it doesnt matter what techniques are used, it doesnt need to have freehand or nmm for me to score high. As long as the techniques used look nice and suit the style, its all good :)

    I have a soft spot pastels and girly colours and painting styles that you don\'t see often.

    the same here ^^ (not the girly colour :D)

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    If it looks good, it gets a high score.

    I give out lots of tens to minis that I think are cool.

    And I filter out anything below a 7 most of the time. Sad I know, but I\'m not a fan of mediocrity.

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    Originally posted by Ebonbuddha
    This topic has been done before.

    Everytime you weigh in with comments like this I\'m going to call you a cock.


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    i try to rate stuff as fairly as i can.

    5 being a typical three colours with some highlighting and a basic base done.

    moving up in the score to me is about smooth highlighting/shading and good basing.

    to get an eight, i find that people need to use techniques to bring the model to life so to speak. characterfull faces etc.

    a nine is something that seems cool as hell but feels like something is missing.

    tens are getting rarer from me, as a lot of the time people are now going over board with techniques, making the mini too busy. one or two techniques that help set the mood of the peice work much better for me.

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    Originally posted by Tony Manero

    the same here ^^ (not the girly colour :D)
    Suuure... you know you love the pastels. ;)

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    O.K. I may be quite different. I usually don\'t divide between mini and paintjob. After all it\'s not COOLPAINTJOBORNOT.
    And I confess that I am totally devoted to strict subjectivsm. The only thing that matters in MY voting is MY personal taste.

    So I\'m usually a bit off the average voting.
    For example it seems common amongst the 9+ painters to put a freehand everywhere where is enough space for it just to show that they can (f.e. on the inside of cloaks). As I didn\'t find any DaVincis on the inside of my clouthing (well, after all my skin has no eyes), these things get usually a 5 or something.
    Then there are things that bore me. F.e. the first resculpted Space Marine with big ornated legs or the first tone in tone freehand were quite a show but the 369th is boring. I let this have some influence on my voting (well, I wouldn\'t pick this minis for myself but if I get them shown by chance the get a vote).
    If I have the feel the painter want\'s to fool me and show me his paintshop- instead of his painting skills (well, not the usual HELL-WHY-DON\'T-SELL-THEY-CAMARAS-SUITED-FOR-MINI-PHOTOGRAPHY-paintshop-work that is needed for a decent presentation, but those which feel like most of the smoothing is made by the ps airbrush and blur tool) he will also get only a mediocre vote.
    Last of the things that lower my vote are descriptions in something other than english (usually french and spanish). This is an international forum and so english is the language of choice because the biggest part of the world can write or at least understand this language. So if someone is using f.e. only french in his/her description he or she just shows that he/she thinks that the non-french-speaking-world isn\'t at all worth his words. I don\'t have to give this kind of people good votes, have I ?

    On the other hand I like things that seem witty or make me laugh. These things get a 10 even if the paintjob is only mediocre. Well, as I also don\'t like supermodels I seem to prefer brain before look.



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    i rarely go below a 5. i won\'t give higher than 5 for something average with an unfinished base. basically to be below 5, the painting must be outside the \'lines\'.

    apart from that it depends on what type of mood i\'m in! i will mark better if they have tried something cool even if it\'s not that well carried out. i mark quite harshly as i feel there is no point marking highly - gotta make them try harder!! i think i have only given out about 10 10s!

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    its funny no one seems ready to say they mostly bother to vote on a model if they dont agree with the rating its currently getting.

    personally if i see a model, i think thats about an 8.5 and its getting an 8.5 i dont bother to vote (unless its under 50 votes then i proly will). but if i see a model that i think is an 8.5 and its getting a 7.5 i vote, and i vote a 9 (because i cant vote a 8.5 and i vote twards the side i think it deserves).
    now this is not to say i snipe, i dont vote 3\'s on 9.3 and i disagree with that number. but if i think \"thats and 8.5\" and its getting a 9.3 i might vote an 8.

    from what i have seen with looks/votes ratios, models get alot more votes in relation to total views when the current number seems odd. I.e. someone has been sniped up to 50 votes on something that deserves an 8.5 and its a 7 flat. in the next 100views far more than average people who view will bother to vote and the model will slowly go up.
    at least thats how i see it.

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