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    Quick question for anyone who has any experience in ordering the Vallejo Game Color paint line. Which is generaly the best online retailer for this product?

    I would appreciate some place with a good turn-around time and ships to North America. Also a good stock so there is no back ordering. How I loathe waiting for my orders! ;)

    Anyway, any help is welcome.


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    Default Vallejo online

    My first suggestion would be:

    They\'re the cheapest source for Vallejos I have found, period, however I am not sure they have the entire game color line in stock. They\'re very good though about indicating what is in stock, so at least it won\'t show up available to be ordered if they don\'t have it. They are also willing to special order things that they don\'t have in stock, and are usually quite quick about it - while that may be like \"back ordering\", I don\'t think they will charge you until they have the item you want in hand... They\'re also very quick on shipping, they let you know by e-mail every time your status changes (eg, item ordered, payment received, items packed, items shipped). The two or three times I have ordered from them I have had my complete order within a week...
    I don\'t know of anywhere else that has them and that I have actually ordered them from, and so can tell you nothing about their service or back order policies.
    --Katie G.

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    I posted a retailer in the UK. I\'m Sure he ships to North America. Drop him a mail.

    Mention my name(Luke) and he should sort you out.

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    Default we\'ve got \'em

    I stock the GameColor line... I\'ve
    currently got everything but Dwarf
    Flesh in stock.. reorder has been
    placed and should be here by next

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    Default vallejo game color

    I would check out

    I have dealt with these guys in the past, they are super fast PLUS if you are in the states, shipping is free for orders over 60 bucks.

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    I had a great experiecne order my set from
    Turn around was pretty quick, the service was great and I didn\'t find any other place that had a better price.;)

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