Nude Mary\'s Bizzare Feet
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Thread: Nude Mary\'s Bizzare Feet

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    Default Nude Mary\'s Bizzare Feet

    I have a mini that I submitted to CMON a while ago. I\'ve done some touchups on her and she is slightly improved ... but photographing the feet is somewhat bizzare.

    My Nude Mary ... Scroll down her feet are at the BOTTOM of the photo.

    The white on the base is clear and obvious to the casual observer. My bad there. The white on her feet ... I have no idea what is causing that! I look and I look and to the naked eyes there be nice paint on her feet. Yet when I photograph her it\'s like her toes strip themselves for the camera.

    Currently I am using two reveal bulbs. I even tried diffusing them and I still get the same white toe effect. Underdevelop the image (electronically that is through manual settings) and I still get the white. But I don\'t see any white with my eye!

    Any suggestions?

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    Maybe you\'ve got some clear varnish or something else that produces a shine and what you see in the photo is not white paint but light reflections? ???

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    i had the same problem with an edge on a cloak i was doing for a client.
    it was light reflection.
    dull coat it and then try a few angles, only minor changes need to be made and this can be rectified.

    it is cheaper than getting a better camera and light tent.

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    If you are sure they are painted, then it is glare.

    Light coat of DulCoat.

    A light tent would help too.

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